Yes, M3GAN’s PG-13 Rating Does Hurt The Horror Movie

M3GAN is a sci-fi horror with campy comedic elements, but lots of horror fans who see the movie might be let down by the PG-13 scares.

M3GAN’s comedic side is amusing and fun, but the PG-13 rating ends up hurting the movie. Most horror movies that get released are expected to have an R rating, but some movies make an exception. Because of M3GAN’s appeal to teenagers and the tone of the film, the PG-13 rating makes sense. However, that doesn’t mean that M3GAN couldn’t have been a better movie if the cut scenes were included to push it to an R rating.

Despite the fact that it wasn’t given an R rating, M3GAN has still won over critics. The positive reviews can be attributed to a number of things, but the comedic moments and campy vibes of M3GAN have helped win a lot of people over, and are definitely what make the movie so fun. M3GAN’s hilarious moments will have most crowds roaring in laughter, and it is full of meme-worthy content. But not all crowds are watching M3GAN just for the comedy, and that is where the movie’s big issue emerges.

M3GAN’s PG-13 Horror Doesn’t Go Far Enough

M3GAN is undoubtedly lots of fun, but it’s less of a horror movie and much more of a comedy. Even some of the moments that could be scary are overshadowed by the silliness that is present, like when M3GAN gets on all fours to chase down a boy. M3GAN is a villain that lots of people will want to cheer on, and since some of M3GAN’s characters don’t have much to offer, fans will want to see them get killed off in funny, but gory ways. Including more exciting kills and on-screen deaths would help fill the space between the fun comedic scenes and make the movie more engaging from start to finish.

M3GAN offers commentary on pushing the limits of technology, but the commentary isn’t much different from other movies that talk about the same themes. More exciting kills could’ve added to the movie’s creativity and made exploring these themes in more detail unnecessary. After all, M3GAN works because it is a fun, campy, horror film. The movie could still keep all the campiness even if more gory scenes were included. While M3GAN lacks a post-credits scene, it does end on a cliffhanger which suggests that a sequel is possible. Maybe the next film in the franchise could commit to horror more than M3GAN.

M3GAN’s Unrated Cut Could Be A Much Better Movie

There is a possibility that M3GAN will have an unrated cut released. If this cut includes the character deaths that were off-screen, it is already an upgrade in terms of horror and gore from the theatrical release. It would also help fill the space between comedic moments, making up for the flaws and making the movie feel more creative and original. It has not yet been confirmed that the unrated cut will release, but M3GAN’s writer, Akela Cooper, supports an unrated cut. That cut could show the goriness of the script and give M3GAN an even higher kill count.

Regardless of how much horror the movie includes, audiences will have a blast watching M3GAN. Horror fans, however, might be let down if they watch it with the wrong expectations. Either way, M3GAN introduces a villain that a franchise can easily be built on, and future installments have the potential to appeal to both groups of fans.


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