What To Do With the Dead Kaiju? Movie Review Kaiju Hell Great idea…but run away!

Monster invasion movie or Kaiju movie is a movie that everyone is very familiar with because it has been around for many eras. The origin of this genre of movies must be given to the Japanese film industry. We’ve only seen the invasion and threats of various monsters, but rarely get a chance to see what happened after that. And that became the concept of “What To Do With the Dead Kaiju?” (Hell Kaiju) , which addresses the events that occur after the Kaiju vanishes. What will happen next? It’s a really cool idea.

What To Do With the Dead Kaiju? The Kaiju Hell Ruins tells the story after Japan is faced with the massive Kaiju clan that has been rampaging destruction for decades. until it lay dead in its legs facing the sky Making this work, the government must find a way to get rid of the remains of it as quickly as possible. along with a race against time before the gas from within it explodes and wreaks havoc on the entire Japanese island of Japan.

As previously mentioned, What To Do With the Dead Kaiju? It’s a movie full of brilliant ideas. The concept is good and not lightly interesting. But the outcome of the movie that came out I must honestly say…extremely disappointing. because of the coolness of the various concepts of this film Couldn’t walk side by side with the strange storytelling of the movie in the slightest. It turned out to be a movie for almost 2 hours that made me feel torture to watch since the first half hour passed. That is, if the movie doesn’t have any loud noises and rants about the whole story. He probably fell asleep at the cinema already.

Part of the movie has results like this. Probably a part of the influence of the director “Satoshi Miki”, who stands out in the field of comedy and full of madness. and when taking the role of directing and writing the script for this movie What came out was not as successful as it should be. Because it turns out What To Do With the Dead Kaiju? It’s a movie that looks a bit too much like the actual play. causing the essence of the movie to be demolished in many places

Despite the film’s stern attempt to infuse social and political sarcasm with sarcasm. But the elements that are inserted into them Pushed into it as a point that makes me feel annoyed, especially a large group of actors who join the cabinet. Japan’s national administrative group who understands that the creators put in to be a joker and create colors But what is conveyed and combined with the Japanese All I could do was laugh…huh, lightly.

and in addition to the additional characters will be put in to look cluttered and annoyed The main character of the film also failed to support the film. It’s not that the actors performed badly, “Ryosuke Yamada” or “Tao Tsuchiya”, they had to perform their roles well. But the weirdness and strange taste of the character designs in this movie I still can’t connect the main characters together throughout the story.

While the production of What To Do With the Dead Kaiju? It’s almost as bad as it gets. It turned out to be a very disappointing Japanese movie with mostly crude special effects and CG design. The composition is full of unrealism and the image floats in many scenes. The movie is a shocking reduction in the potential of Japanese cinema. I can’t believe my eyes that… Japanese movies of this quality also come out.

And when it comes to mixing the theater with the rhythm of the storytelling of the whole movie to want to take off his shoes and throw his shoes on the screen (but considerate) because they almost couldn’t stand the sudden editing of each scene, some scenes intervened in vain and did not balance the rhythm of the movie in the slightest It also includes blocking various performances in many scenes that are very theatrical. Makes the movement of the characters too lackluster, adding to the frustration while watching it again.

When watching this movie until the end…it might be that some viewers will feel angry. because of being angry with the time almost 2 hours ago Sit and look at what in the end does not have any essence and conclusions that make it clear to the audience a bit. It’s the ending that turns the entire movie into such a waste. Along with secretly feeling disappointed and regretting the good concept of this movie that can be told and revealed to be more fun. But what came out of this story… it was worth forgetting.

In conclusion, What To Do With the Dead Kaiju? Kaiju Hell is a movie that can be painful to watch in many parts. Because it can’t come out in the end Although the performances of the actors are put in full But it can’t help support the movie to escape from hell. The idea is good, but the narrative that almost brings the movie closer to the word disaster. He only shook his head lightly, shaking off everything he had just seen. When walking out of the factory…

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