What She Likes, I’m a failure, Mr. Gay, please don’t say no to my heart It’s darker than I thought..more than reducing my status.

While our home is popular about the universe BL or entertainment content. It’s getting more and more attention, as can be seen from the army of Y series that are almost produced more than regular dramas. Or is this going to mean that our country is truly an open country for gender diversity ? Is it just to fill the flow or is there something different for the audience? Let’s go find the answers from this movie

What She Likes I’m a failure, Mr. Gay. Please don’t say no to my heart. It tells the story of Jun, a gay high school student. But he never told him about his gender. Before getting to know and meeting his classmate Sae, she is a fan of BL manga (Y-comics). He saw her at a specialty manga shop. But she was another person who had told anyone about this taste of herself. But she was fascinated by Jun’s handsomeness. without knowing that he was gay The two became more and more familiar with each other until she decided to express her feelings for him. So he responded to her feelings. and went on a date together until…

First of all, I must say that The teaser trailer of this movie might be a little bit tricky to fool the audience. For the very essence and essence of What She Likes, I’m a failure, Mr. Gay. Please don’t say no to my heart. Admittedly, it’s quite heavy and dull than I thought. This is not just a young movie. What kind of idiot girls secretly like gay men? But it is a Japanese film that reflects society in a remarkable way. with some attempts to communicate a message that even the Japanese society itself does not dare to utter a word

What She Likes is an adaptation of the novel by writer Naoto Asahara, which was brought to the screen as a light mini-series on NHK in 2019 before being picked up. come to the big screen this time With the skill of the director “Shoko Kusano” , he was also responsible for adapting the script for this film himself as always. and distilled into a Japanese film full of important messages about gender diversity. especially open-mindedness to accept society openly

In the beginning of the movie, the story may be laid in a relaxed direction. Put the clarity and cuteness of teenagers into the force. But when the engine was set up and entered the second half, the movie gradually suppressed the audience’s emotions. through the state and feelings of the characters that almost reach the essence Although it is unfortunate that the narrative of this movie Still quite lacking in firmness and the narrative is slow and almost boring at many points Because the movie still has a Japanese style that was put into the formula. If I could make it a bit more compact should be mellow enough

But to be honest, even though the film’s message about gender diversity is I will try my best to throttle out. But still feel that the movie still can’t be conveyed to the fullest. Still using it in his own safe zone at some point. This makes the movie that should be better than this. Still feel a little half and half, but at least the movie has more advantages than disadvantages. In particular, the way in which the connection between the characters is conveyed is quite clear.

The acting of the actors is also the element that helps the movie’s balance . Fuju Kamio carries the film with the confusion and self-discovery that emerges from the acting inner of the movie. He is satisfying, while “Anna Yamada” represents his bright side. to be contaminated with the consequences of another character’s actions that when the two of them come together It turned out to be a show that supported each other well and supported the movie along the way.

I secretly thought a little too that if What She Likes I’m a failure, Mr. Gay, please don’t say no to my heart. There is no inner radiance inserted into this film. It should make this movie a very dark drama, not quite light. and maybe a bit too dull But the timing that the movie chooses to use is all considered appropriate. Not too light and not too heavy. with a Japanese recipe for success But the movie left a message that the audience had thought about it quite a bit. Especially the last scene of this story. who secretly get goosebumps with the concept of both characters is not light

Let’s say in conclusion What She Likes I’m a failure, Mr. Gay, please don’t say no to my heart. It is a drama about the issue of openness to gender diversity that may not be the most open way out. But it’s something that is slowly trying to make society open up and dare to say these things in a stronger voice. Of course, we know that Japanese society is not yet open to that much diversity. But now times have changed and every society takes time to understand and live with boundless diversity. That is the problem that this movie is trying to communicate out there

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