Train to Busan 2, Korean Zombie Drama with a Different Story

Director Yeon Sang Ho said that this was a story development from Train to Busan to Peninsula. Development that starts from the title of the film, action scenes, to past relationships. Initially, the sequel to the film Train To Busan was not named “Train To Busan 2”.

In fact, both the writer and the production house plan to use the names “Bando” and “Peninsula.” as title. Until finally, Peninsula describes the background atmosphere of the four-year events at Train To Busan.

The choice of the name peninsula means “Peninsula” with the meaning of the island. In this film, it is told that the zombie plague virus has spread to almost all islands in Korea, including North Korea. Until finally, this film is titled “Train To Busan 2: Peninsula” gives a more horror and tense impression.

Converting from Train to Truck

The story about the tense scene from Train to Busan in the train. On the Peninsula there is car chase action. There, Yeon Sang Ho chooses young women in action. Meanwhile, in terms of the creative process, it takes approximately 3 months.

A scarier figure than a zombie

Yeon Sang Ho is true that zombies are the main attraction for the sequel to Train to Busan. The moment Jung Suk returned to Korea can be said to be more tense. In Yoo Jin’s life, there are those who are more afraid of having to face a crueler society than zombies.

Weird with Train to Busan 2

From the creator of the work Yeon Sang Ho, Peninsula feels different if it is called Train to Busan 2. In addition to the story being unfinished and the film Peninsula not being shot in Busan. Peninsula is a natural picture of South Korea located on the peninsula because the location is not so locked in hopes of getting out from there.

Without Gong Yoo present

Actor Gong Yoo is not cast in the Train to Busan sequel. The main actor in Peninsula is Kang Dong Won as Jung Suk. In this film, Jung Suk managed to get out of Korea but had to return to complete a mission. Peninsula takes place four years after Train to Busan.

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