The best TV shows to watch in 2022

From rock music docs to wacky sci-fi dramas, these are the top Emmy-nominated projects you can stream right now.

The 2022 Emmy nominations are in. But what to watch? Television gets a bad rap sometimes — it’s often thought of as an exhausting, unfinishable chore. Yes, our attention spans have suffered from years of online attrition. Decision fatigue is real, and an hour-long prestige drama that spans multiple seasons can be a straightforwardly intimidating prospect, especially when you don’t know exactly what you’re getting into.

Besides catching up on obvious favourites like Succession and The Beatles: Get Back, consider jumping the The Survivor, and tackling Squid Game. Did you skip out on The Dropout because you were put off by the themes of cannibalism (it’s all hypothetical, we promise!) or Severance, because it seemed too hard to understand?

Here’s a guide to all the TV shows you should be spending time on, why you should watch in the first place and where you can stream it. You’re welcome!

  1. Succession

At this point, Succession may be the show that will run away with the most prizes at this year’s Emmy Awards, sweeping the Drama and Acting categories with a total of 25 nominations. The HBO saga, which has legion of fans the world over, follows the Roy family, a media dynasty all individually vying for the control held by their powerful, ageing patriarch. Part drama, part black comedy, the most recent season three had fans desperate to see what would happen next. Ahead of season four arriving next year, catch up on HBO Max or Now TV.

  1. The Beatles: Get Back

Directed by the man behind the Lord of the Rings, this labour of love from Peter Jackson is a three-part documentary about the making of The Beatles’ Let It Be. You don’t have to be a fan of the band to get something out of it: it’s a rare feat of archival documentary filmmaking, for which Peter has pieced together some of the most coveted and never-before-seen footage to create a fresh portrait of artists the world has seen from a thousand different angles already. Stream it on Disney+.

  1. Squid Game

There shouldn’t really be a soul left on earth who hasn’t watched Netflix mega-hit Squid Game at this point, which might make history as the first series not in the English language to take home the Outstanding Drama Series prize. It’s been confirmed that the sleeper sensation has a second season in the works, so buckle up and prepare for more carnage in a year or two’s time. Stream it on Netflix.

  1. The Survivor

The Emmys don’t only award narrative shows and documentary series, they have a special category for TV movies too. The prize for Outstanding Television Movie may just go to Barry Levinson-directed WWII drama The Survivor, about a prisoner in Auschwitz who fights for his freedom in physical boxing matches. Vicky Krieps from Phantom Thread co-stars. Stream it on HBO Max.

  1. The Dropout

Disney+’s limited series about the life and trials of famed Silicon Valley science revolutionary-turned-flop, Elizabeth Holmes, earned some quiet but passionate buzz when it first appeared on the streaming service. A tale of how twisted the passion of tech bros can be, it’s earned a nomination for Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series. Realistically, it’s Amanda Seyfried who stands out in it playing the lead character in The Dropout though. She earned a nom for it (Lead Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie) and is the bookie’s favourite to win. Watch it in full on Disney+.


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