The Batman 2 Director Matt Reeves Teases One Peculiar Villain For Sequel

The Batman 2 director Matt Reeves winkingly teases the arrival of a very obscure, but hilarious, Batman villain for the Robert Pattinson-led sequel.

The Batman 2 director Matt Reeves responds to a question regarding which villains could show up in the sequel, and mentions a peculiar one. The Batman premiered last year to both critical and fan acclaim, with Robert Pattinson delivering a nuanced performance as both Bruce Wayne and his alter ego, Batman. The movie included new versions of beloved Batman villains, such as Catwoman, Riddler, Penguin, and Carmine Falcone. Now, all eyes turn to which villains Reeves will introduce in The Batman 2.

During an interview with, Reeves jokingly teases a possible villain’s appearance in The Batman 2. The director was asked to give a The Batman 2 update on the antagonist he has in mind, and lacking a clear candidate, he mentions Condiment King, saying Pattinson’s The Batman press tour push for the villain’s introduction to The Batman universe was the funniest thing the actor did. Reeves doesn’t commit to a Condiment King appearance in The Batman 2, but it is interesting to know the idea is out there. Check out the full quote below:

I will say that to me the funniest thing that Rob [Pattinson] did the last time that we were on the press tour is that he kept talking about how great he thought it would be if we did Condiment King because he loved the idea of somebody just dousing somebody in mustard. I won’t commit to saying that Condiment King is going to make a reference, but I’ll just use that as an answer to your question because I don’t have an answer to your question.

Would The Condiment King Work In The Batman 2?

The Condiment King is a Batman villain from the DC Comics who specializes in fighting with the help of his Condiment guns, one for mustard and one for ketchup. The character is a joke villain originally created for Batman: The Animated Series by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini. Condiment King was a stand-up comedian who managed to incite the Joker’s fury, with the deranged clown villain brainwashing him into becoming a joke super-villain as his form of revenge.

While the Condiment King is a hilarious villain in the comics and animated series, his tone would contrast with the extremely dark take on Gotham City presented in The Batman. However, there is a way in which the character could be reworked to fit into the upcoming The Batman 2. DC Comics writer Tom King recently updated a joke Batman villain, Kite Man, and made his backstory extremely sad and compelling. That approach could be recreated with Condiment King for The Batman 2, with a tragic take on the character likely to fit in perfectly with the way Reeves has handled his versions of Batman villains.

What Villains Need To Join The Batman Universe

The Batman introduced new versions of classic Batman villains, but that was only the tip of the iceberg. Batman has one of the best, if not the No.1, Rogues Galleries in all superhero comics. There are some villains that would benefit greatly by the situation left at the end of the first movie – Gotham City plunged into a flood – come The Batman 2. Mr. Freeze is one of the characters that could appear in the sequel, using his powers to freeze the large bodies of water around Gotham and taking the city back to the Ice Age. Another villain that could exploit the situation is Poison Ivy, using the chaos to reshape Gotham City after the flood to be her own personal jungle. Whoever the main villain for The Batman 2 ends up being, the sequel will have plenty of space for minor foes like Condiment King to shine.


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