The Anchor penetrates the ghost news Haunting than a ghost is being “…” fooled.

And this is another Korean movie that made good money at the local box office in the first half of the year “The Anchor pierced the ghost news” with an interesting movie page. with mysterious issues linked to the circle of journalism Just seeing the teaser released has already aroused interest and discovery in this movie. But the inside and the essence of this movie will come out as suspicious and terrifying as you thought..?

The Anchor tells the story of news anchor Jung Se Ra, who shines brightly at her job, but just five minutes before she has to read the evening news. She received a call on the other end of the line asking for her help. claiming that someone had invaded and threatened and was about to kill along with wanting her to spread the news But Sera realized that it was a prank call as usual.

But when she brought this story to her mother Her mother advised her to use this rhythm as an opportunity. So Sera decided to go to the area to find the news herself at the address at the end of the mystery line near. before she encounters a terrifying incident that had turned into a black hole in her consciousness for a long time and made her more and more deeply immersed in this news issue.

This movie is directed by young female director “Jung Ji Yeon” who just debuted to make a movie for the first time. I must admit that it is quite supportive and conveys various perspectives with complex and satisfying rhythms. Overall, though, The Anchor still sticks to the original formula of a terrifying thriller that’s likely to have been seen from any other film mixed in. So in terms of the novelty of the movie Maybe it didn’t make you feel anything exciting.

Let’s just say in a nutshell that trying not to get spoilers out…this isn’t a movie like you might think. The Anchor comes with a rhythmic tone of the movie that takes the investigative approach of the news and the media as elements. storytelling The beginning of the story was quite satisfactory. And the script is still full of vulnerabilities. Once the focus is established, what exactly does the movie want to convey in the second half? It was quite a feeling that the movie began to sag little by little.

But it is fortunate that this movie has 3 main actors to help carry the powerful “Chun Woo Hee” that this role is probably her specialty. Because I’ve been through characters that require power and inner like this in a few but a lot. And she keeps her role in check. Satisfactorily taking on the role of the storyline throughout the story The show was professional. and play to the core in every scene

Meanwhile, “Shin Ha Kyun” comes up with a role that may be a repetition of the drama he recently played. But his character is considered to help create a dimension in the film as well. Although the film has plastered a thin layer on his story according to the laid-back formula, his professionalism can bear the brunt of the character interestingly. And that can’t be said of the legendary mother “Lee Hye Young” who returned to her industry this time…not normal.

Although her role as the mother of the main character of the story There won’t be much of a scene. but became the key to the story ever Her performance is to shine a light that…this is the real thing. Little but much acting that really bursts out of the inner. When it came to screening with Chun Woo Hee, it became two girls of two generations, impressively facing the show’s flamethrower. and is a well-matched boxing match

Let’s just say that overall, The Anchor punches the ghost news. It’s a movie that’s fun to watch. It’s not perfect. Because with the script that is still too short in many points And the point of the movie trying to complicate things a bit. until at some point it almost makes me fall asleep But nonetheless, the movie has a good action with a good cast of actors to help keep it one. Thus making this monotonous mystery movie still enough to be plowed to some extent. Although the movie is almost nothing to remember at all.

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