The 7 Best Villains in Anime Manga Are Highly Anticipated

There are many villains in the manga who have not yet appeared in the anime. These villains are charming, overpowered, and will have the protagonists fight to the death to beat them. These villains are highly anticipated adaptations in the anime. Fans who only watch anime without reading manga may not know these villain characters. But, for those who watch anime and read manga, surely know who they are. Most of these manga villains are not like the manga villains that have appeared in the anime. Anime fans seem to have to get ready to welcome these anime villains. They are cruel, selfish, heartless, and do not hesitate to kill. Some of them have even become favourites. Who are the manga’s best villains to look forward to in the anime? Citing CBR, here’s the review!

  1. Antares — Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling will be one of the most riveting fairy tales in modern anime. Anime fans are looking forward to an adaptation of this series based on the manhwa, not the manga. The series features humans, spirits, and anything in between.

Antares was the last villain that Sung Jin-woo, the protagonist of the series, faced. Monarch of Destruction and King of Dragons, Antares enjoys the destruction he creates. He freely expresses his hatred for humans. Cunning and strong, Antares is the most overpowered enemy that Jin-woo has ever faced.

  1. Makima — Chainsaw Man

Fans rejoice with the Chainsaw Man anime which will be released in October this year. Makima, a member of the Public Safety Bureau, finds the protagonist Denji. He then hires Denji to fight demons and protect civilians. However, Makima is not without evil motives.

Chainsaw Man is the most feared demon, even among demons. Unaware of the power he has, Makima controls Denji to the end. The reveal of Makima as a Control Devil is one of the biggest plot twists that people don’t expect. Power hungry and selfish, Makima does anything to get what he wants.

  1. Lady Nagant — My Hero Academia

The series has many unique heroes and villains. While fans are disappointed with the progress of the series, they are still looking forward to the upcoming arcs, especially Tartarus Escapees. In that arc, Lady Nagant is one of the villains.

Lady Nagant is a former pro-hero who is trained to kill corrupt criminals and heroes. However, Lady Nagant’s conscience could not match her superior’s unethical and immoral ways. He evolves into a ruthless villain, who retains his killing skills. Lady Nagant hopes to expose the Hero Commission’s hypocritical peace.

  1. Funny Valentine — JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

The series has many characters, from level-headed villains to short-axis heroes. Of the many flamboyant villains in this series, Funny Valentin is one of the most influential. The main antagonist in this Steel Ball Run is the 23rd President of the United States. Valentine is a user of Stand overpowered, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. The Stand’s dimensional abilities allow it to travel to parallel universes. He could be on body duty with his comrades at any time. This makes it pseudo-immortal.

  1. Eida — Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

As Boruto begins his journey to become a successful shinobi who can replace his father one day, he and his friends face all kinds of enemies. The biggest threat comes from Kara, the evil organization in the series. There are many strong members in the organization. One of them is Eida. Eida is a frozen cyborg. He transformed and revived Amado with Ninja Technology. He has blood relatives. Eida could drive anyone so crazy about her that it wouldn’t hurt a single hair on her head.

  1. Toji Fushiguro — Jujutsu Kaisen

Of the most popular recent shounen anime, fans like Jujutsu Kaisen the most. Along with charming protagonists, well-designed villains also have fans. As manga readers already know, out of all the villains in the series, none is as attractive as Toji Fushiguro. Toji is a non-cursed user who is known as a mage slayer for his extraordinary use of skills and lack of curse energy. He is Megumi Fushiguro’s father and the main villain in the arc that brings up Satoru Gojo’s past. The cute-faced villain will never fail to stir the hearts of fans.

  1. Izana Kurokawa — Tokyo Revengers

The series follows street gangs who fight each other for power using violence and dirty politics. Takemichi travels back in time to prevent the events that led to the death of his first love. He then joins the Tokyo Manji Gang (Toman). Of all the gangs he has seen and faced, Takemichi has yet to meet gang leader Tenjiku in the anime. Izana Kurokawa is the leader of the Tenjiku gang with skills that rival Mikey’s. Even though the two have a shared history, Izana’s loneliness turns her into a cruel and power hungry person.

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