Taxi Driver Season 2 Has Released Teaser

Who can’t wait for info on the Korean drama Taxi Driver Season 2, starring Lee Je Hoon?

Come on, since mid-2021, there has been information circulating about Lee Je Hoon’s Korean drama on this one. For additional information, the Korean drama Taxi Driver season 2 is still starring Lee Je Hoon and several other actors.

The change occurred with ESom, who no longer joined this Korean drama.

About the Korean drama Taxi Driver

The Korean drama Taxi Driver tells the story of a secret organization called Rainbow Taxi that carries out special assignments.

They help and protect victims of bullying or oppression to get justice.

Rainbow Taxi has its own definition of justice, moreover the victims do not get guarantees or legal protection.

In Taxi Driver Season 1, the background of each member of Rainbow Taxi and the reasons for joining the group are revealed.

Apart from Lee Je Hoon, the Korean drama Taxi Driver stars Kim Eui Sung, Pyo Ye Jin, Jang Hyuk Jin, and others.

The Korean drama Taxi Driver Season 2 has released a teaser!

Through the official SBS account, the Taxi Driver teaser has just been released. The teaser shows a scene of the main cast together, standing on the roof and smiling confidently.

It’s as if the Rainbow Taxi team just succeeded in carrying out a new mission. As the scene changes, Jang Sung Chul is seen being surrounded by the police. The appearance of an unknown but evil-type character also seems to indicate an interesting story change. At the end of the trailer, Kim Do Ki is seen holding a child out of the flames.

When will the Korean drama Taxi Driver air?

This action-thriller Korean drama is scheduled to air on February 17, 2023.

With 16 episodes, the Korean drama Taxi Driver will invite us again to give justice to people who are far from the protection of the law.

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