She-Hulk: 10 Burning Questions After The Series Premiere

The first episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has finally hit Disney+, leaving fans with plenty of hard-hitting questions for future episodes.

Warning: The article contains spoilers for She-Hulk episode 1.

With a series of early reviews claiming that She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is a charming MCU comedy alongside Tatiana Maslany’s perfect casting, the first episode has finally dropped on Disney+ and starts with Jennifer giving a flashback to the moment her powers first emerged. The episode’s highlight is the close and more playful cousin bonding between Bruce and Jennifer while also foreshadowing Jennifer’s heroic pursuits despite her vocal disinterest.

It was a promising start to the newest series, as fans learned more about Jennifer Walters, such as her humor, her theories regarding Captain America’s virginity, and her commitment to her job as a lawyer. But, this is only the beginning of Jennifer’s origin story, and given how the episode has concluded, some people are asking questions about the latest developments.

What Was The Sakaraan Message?

The MCU alters Jennifer Walters’ superhero origin story, having the character accidentally become exposed to Bruce Banner’s blood in a car accident brought on by the sudden appearance of an alien ship. While Bruce later dismisses the encounter as a Sakaraan message that he’ll have to look into further, fans won’t be happy with this throwaway explanation.

Comics fans know that the Hulk has an intimate connection to Sakaar, which served as the setting for the “Planet Hulk” storyline, developing the massive World War Hulk crossover in 2007. The appearance of a Sakaraan ship seeking the Hulk could serve as yet another hint for an upcoming World War Hulk event in the MCU, which has been long rumored to be in development.

Is Jennifer Stronger Than Bruce?

After transforming into She-Hulk, Jennifer is trained by Bruce to master her abilities. She proves to be a natural at many physical feats, causing her cousin a bit of insecurity as he begins to wonder if he may not be as strong as she is.

While fans may never get a direct answer regarding whether Bruce or Jennifer possesses more brute strength, the series does heavily imply that Jennifer is far more emotionally stable than her cousin, and therefore, has better command over her Hulk abilities.

How Was Bruce Healed?

After their accident, Bruce is surprised to find that Jenn’s new radiated blood has completely healed his arm, which was injured after wielding the Infinity Gauntlet. While this was undoubtedly a writing trick used to easily explain Hulk’s healed arm, fans want more details of how exactly this happened.

Hulk’s blood has never been suggested to have healing properties before and has even proven toxic to those who accidentally ingest it, as seen in The Incredible Hulk. Nevertheless, it is likely that, among the members of the Hulk family, their own blood may have healing benefits that have yet to be harnessed.

Who Else Might Appear?

Recent trailers for She-Hulk have revealed that Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock, also known as the vigilante Daredevil, will appear in the series. While Murdock does not show up in the premiere, the news of his appearance is already igniting fan theories that certain other pre-existing Marvel characters could appear in the series.

She-Hulk’s nature as a legal drama could certainly open up doors for other lawyer characters, like Carrie-Anne Moss’s Jeri Hogarth or Elden Henson’s Foggy Nelson, to appear. However, many rumors have also suggested that the series could feature the long-awaited return of Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, continuing the MCU’s trend of bringing back characters from Netflix’s Defenders Saga.

Why Can Jenn Break The Fourth Wall?

She-Hulk adopts several qualities from the comic book character, including her ability to speak directly to her audience via breaking the fourth wall. While this ability will likely result in plenty of hilarious fourth-wall-breaking scenes, fans wonder how exactly Jennifer is capable of doing this.

This question is increasingly puzzling given that Bruce, the direct source of Jennifer’s powers, is unable to speak to the audience. While fans may never quite get the answer to this mystery, it remains intriguing to wonder why Jenn seems capable of certain things that her cousin is not.

What Is Jenn’s Case?

She-Hulk takes cues from other courtroom comedies, presenting the MCU’s very first legal procedural series. The first episode gives scarce details about Jennifer’s current case, except for the fact that she is going up against a law firm known as GLK & H.

Promotional material for the series has revealed that future episodes will feature Jennifer as an employee of GLK & H, implying that, at some point in the next few weeks, she will leap over to the other law firm. It has not yet been confirmed why exactly Jennifer would switch firms, though it may have something to do with her current case – which may prove more important than it initially seemed.

Will Bruce’s (Or Jenn’s) Blood Make More Hulks?

After confirming that Jenn has been transformed into a Hulk, Bruce makes an elaborate show of destroying any blood samples he had gathered from himself and his cousin. He cautions Jenn to be careful with her own blood, lest anyone else is turned into their own version of the Hulk. This eerily specific information leaves viewers curious if this will indeed happen before the end of the season.

While the MCU has fairly limited characters in the Hulk family, the comics are home to plenty more, including the Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk, Skaar, and A-Bomb. Bruce’s warning could suggest that his worst fears will indeed be realized, with his and Jenn’s blood being used to create new Hulk monsters in the MCU.

Who Is Titania (And What Does She Want?)

The finale minutes of She-Hulk’s first episode introduce Jameela Jamil’s supervillain Titania quite suddenly, as the character bursts through a wall and wreaks havoc on a courtroom. Very little information is given about the new character, leaving audiences to wonder who she is and what she wants.

While details are currently scarce regarding Marvel’s latest villain, fans can expect to learn plenty more about her character over the next eight episodes. Her motivations remain unclear, but viewers may ascertain that her quest has something to do with Jenn’s current case, which is sure to be explored in greater depth next week.

Is Steve Rogers Dead?

The post-credit scene of She-Hulk’s first episode sees Jenn attempting to trick Bruce into revealing the status of Steve Rogers’s virginity. When Jenn makes a scene about how one of the world’s mightiest heroes didn’t deserve to die a virgin, Bruce does not object to the idea that Steve Rogers is dead, prompting fans to wonder about the original Captain America’s fate.

Steve’s fate post-Endgame has been the topic of many fan theories, including some that posited that the retired superhero had migrated to the moon. However, Bruce’s silence after Jenn implies that Steve is dead could be taken as confirmation of the hero’s passing. Nevertheless, it may also be the case that Bruce is covering for his friend, whose fate is far more secretive than originally guessed.

Who Was The Lucky Lady?

After weeks of pushing, Jennifer finally gets Bruce to admit that Steve did indeed lose his virginity to a woman he met during a USO Tour in 1943. While Jenn is content simply to learn the truth regarding her dearly-held theory, fans can’t help but ponder who this woman might have been.

Bruce’s wording implies that the woman with whom Steve had sexual relations was not someone he had previously known, ruling out Peggy Carter, his first love interest. Some have wondered if this mysterious woman might have been Natalie Dormer’s character from Captain America: The First Avenger. Others still suggest this was the fan he met while on tour, portrayed by Guardians of the Galaxy actress Laura Haddock. If the latter, it may go into a deep rabbit hole about Peter Quill’s ancestors, thus creating a complicated history that might imply Steve and Quill’s relation.

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