See what! Penetrating the aspects that Klopp faced after Liverpool’s defeat to Manchester United in Thailand.

What did Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp see after the game at the “Reds” warm-up defeated by Manchester United 0-4 in Thailand?

After the game, the German boss of the Reds said about the overall warm-up in Thailand that

“Results are fair. we have to admit But it was clear we could score goals as well. and if so It was going to be a more exciting game, we conceded the kind of goals we gave them assists. They seized the opportunity. They create problems for us. But I saw a lot of good things from my team.”

“It’s too early to judge us from this game. Personal mistakes are always possible in football games. We obviously made a mistake. But we should have scored three or four goals in the last five minutes which we couldn’t. It was our mistake as well.”

Jürgen Klopp made the first 11 with several young players. Including new players like Fabio Carvalho, divided the team into 3 sets, playing each set for about 30 minutes.

Red Machine continues to play with style. Kegen pressing as you like but with strength including the familiarity from playing together May not make the press the most, so Ten Hag’s Red Devils can be carved out and have space to attack Liverpool and reach 3 goals in the first 45 minutes.

In the second half, Klopp solved the game better and was able to open the attack against the Red Devils to get a big set, but with a dominant score from the first 45 minutes, it was like a defensive training of Manchester United and was the source of the form. The glory of Eric Bailly and Zidane Iqbal in the final half hour.

These young stars of the Reds have been given the opportunity to touch the game almost everyone. Some people have almost never heard the name before. Some people just signed to join the team. Liverpool’s substitution in this game has nothing to do with tactics at all. but it is change to maintain physical condition and giving opportunities to many young players

Amid the massive score in the Reds’ defeat to United, of course, the direction of the news must highlight the work of Eric Ten Hag and the team, but vice versa. Looking at the beautiful world, the Kop saw the dangers of many players in the absence of Sadio Mane.

Players like Luis Diaz, whom the Reds fans in Thailand have nicknamed as Brother Louis, the power of leaves is still a reliable weapon of Liverpool, but the opportunity that the creator created in the game of red boiling, it changed to Not only goals, but Fabio Carvalho and Harvey Elliott also have a very interesting rhythm.

Especially in the case of Fabio Carvalho, who has started as a real attacking midfielder. Overall performance during 30 minutes is not bad. But it will still take some time to adjust the tempo of the ball to Jurgen Klopp’s tactics, and although Carvalho is not yet expected to be a key player. But in the future it seems that this kid Ready to follow in the footsteps of Curtis Jones and Harvey Elliott as well.

While the new player, the owner of the value of 85 million pounds, recently grabbed the new Darwin Nunez has been a focus since moving to football at Anfield, both with a huge fee. Plus, the look is similar to Andy Carroll, causing this shin to bear the pressure from the warm-up game.

Klopp opted to send Nunez into the field in the final 30 minutes under the role of a striker. The Uruguay spear is considered dangerous enough. There is a rhythm of running to get the Red Devils more than waiting for the end in the penalty area.

Núñez showed great shots on goal. from the stroke Before hitting with the right, but being saved by Tom Heaton, which, although Nunez was teased in the social world But looking at it in another way, it is Nunez’s time bomb waiting to shine under the Reds uniform

And if anyone compared the work and form of play of Nunez with a face and body similar to Andy Carrow, it would be sick to find an explanation to define it. because it would be too difficult for them to understand That is probably what Jurgen Klopp would like to address to the criticism that has been raised against his new players.

“He’s a No. 9 who can play in the prostration as well so we can see where he should play. But what you can see is that the boys in the team are starting to look at him shooting the ball. This is rehearsal His ‘third time’ since returning to pre-season training.

And after seeing him sprint the ball three times, he was panting, he wasn’t really fit. The size he was panting When friends pass the ball to but he still ran And the kids keep trying to pay for it. This is his strength. He’s dangerous. His profile is number nine.

Which helps a lot with his speed and aggression in using his body. But right now, his body isn’t ready yet.”

Liverpool are holding training sessions at Singapore Ahead of another warm-up game against Crystal Palace at the Singapore National Stadium on July 15th.

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