Secret Headquarters Ending Explained (In Detail)

Secret Headquarters Ending Explained (In Detail)

Paramount+’s superhero movie starring Owen Wilson as its lead hero ties all loose ends in its third act. Here’s Secret Headquarter’s ending explained.

Warning! SPOILERS for Secret Headquarters.

Secret Headquarters has a happy ending for its heroes, bringing father and son back together, with a new, unexpected addition to the heroes’ team – here’s the ending explained. Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and co-directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, Secret Headquarters doubles as a superhero and a family story, considering how at the heart of the movie is Jack (Owen Wilson) and Charlie’s (Walker Scobell) damaged relationship. The superhero movie was released on Paramount+ on August 12.

Although Secret Headquarters opens with Jack, Charlie, and Lily (Jessie Mueller) as a happy family, witnessing what looks like a plane crash changes everything. Trying to save the Air Force pilot involved in the collision, Captain Sean Irons (Grey’s Anatomy’s Jesse Williams), Jack comes in contact with an alien power source that considers him worthy enough to be the recipient of its power. This is the beginning of the Guard as a superhero. Simultaneously, this also marks the start of things going sour between Jack and Lily, as well as between Jack and his son Charlie, as the Guard business keeps him away most of the time.

By being a movie mainly about the relationship between a father and a son, Secret Headquarters sees that connection rekindled by the story’s end. The superhero movie manages to effortlessly blend action adventure with a kind-hearted story about a family navigating big changes, and its ending succeeds in tying up both storylines neatly. Here is Secret Headquarters’ ending explained.

What Happens In The Secret Headquarters Ending?

As Charlie, Berger (Keith L. Williams), Maya (To All The Boys’ Momona Tamada), and Lizzie’s (Abby James Witherspoon) carelessness with the Guard’s gizmos makes them easily located and threatened by Sean Irons and his benefactor Ansel Argon, Jack gets involved both to protect Charlie and his friends and the alien power source. Secret Headquarters’ ending revolves mainly around the final showdown between the Guard and Argon for the alien power source and Sean’s wavering loyalties after he finally gets access to the power source, which grants him a vision that makes him surprisingly switch sides. Another central resolution involves Charlie and Jack, as for the past t10 years Jack hid a big part of his life from him. Charlie’s discovery of his secret base may have brought them problems. In the end, this also proved instrumental for the betterment of their relationship, as fighting against Argon and his subordinates brought them closer as father and son.

How The Secret Headquarters Ending Subverts Superhero Movies

Secret Headquarters manages to mirror many other superhero movies focused on families with the ending that brings Charlie to work with Jack after successfully defeating Argon. After all, Spy Kids and The Incredibles all saw entire families saving the world together, either by all staying spies together or legit superheroes. By having Charlie collaborate with Jack, although the movie doesn’t specify in what capacity, Secret Headquarters complies with the family-focused superhero genre, having the father-son duo finally go back to share something central in their lives.

One thing that pretty much subverts the superhero genre is the way Sean Irons is treated. Secret Headquarters establishes him as a villain from the beginning, as he opposes Jack becoming the Guard and would rather see the alien power source shared with the whole world. Grey’s Anatomy’s Jesse Williams’ Sean becomes even more villainous as he asks Argon to fund his search for it, aligning himself with him despite Argon possibly having different, more nefarious goals than him. When Sean sees what will happen were Argon to get a hold of the power source, he works with them and even saves Jack from his base exploding, leading to the ending where Sean works as mission control for the Guard. While Secret Headquarters’ main villain is undoubtedly Argon, Sean Irons is painted as antagonistic from the very beginning. That he so easily ends up being part of the good guys’ team marks a difference for the superhero movie, as clear-cut good guys and bad guys are usually synonymous with the superhero genre.

Does The Secret Headquarters Ending Set Up A Sequel?

While there is no confirmation Secret Headquarters 2 will happen, Secret Headquarters’ ending potentially sets up a sequel. Owen Wilson’s character was at the movie’s center, and yet the reason behind the Guard’s many missions is never explained, nor the big evil he is always fighting. Considering also how he, Charlie, Lily, and Sean are now all working on the Guard to protect the Earth per Secret Headquarters’ ending, the potential themes that Secret Headquarters 2 could explore are many. As Secret Headquarters never fully explained why the orb-like power source was sent to Earth, its analysis and history could be at the front and center of Secret Headquarters 2. Even if it didn’t want to focus on the power source’s backstory, the adventures of the Guard’s new team could offer more than enough to Secret Headquarters 2.

How Argon’s Punishment Could Make Him The Secret Headquarters 2 Villain

Secret Headquarters’ ending places the villain Argon (Ant-Man’s Michael Peña) safely trapped in another dimension. His final scene offers some comedic relief, as he’s shown alive and well but overwhelmed by the heat of the Guard’s winter costume. However, he shouldn’t be considered a neutralized threat. After all, the other dimension where Argon ends up trapped must be inhabited by other life forms, which could theoretically help him go back to Earth, especially considering how the Guard project was started thanks to what was believed to be a gift from aliens. It’s entirely possible that Argon could find a helpful hand from alien lifeforms of the other dimension. Considering how he is banished but also has access to the Guard’s armor and gadgets, it wouldn’t be impossible for him to find a way back to Earth and want revenge on the Kincaids.

How The Secret Headquarters Ending Sets Up Secret Headquarters 2

Another much cooler option for Secret Headquarters 2 could see The Adam Project’s Walker Scobell’s Charlie lead his own team of Guard-powered superheroes as a support group for Jack. Indeed, his friends Berger, Maya, Lizzie, and Berger’s brother Big Mac (Kezii Curtis) all proved to be excellent in highly intense situations. If they were to be trained by Jack, they could possibly take part in lower stakes operations while Jack is abroad for more serious missions. After all, Charlie and his friends were as much part of the action of Secret Headquarters, as Charlie’s relationship with his father was. Developing them into a new team of superheroes that’s still part of the Guard project could definitely prove entertaining.


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