Sad Ending Anime Movie recommendations are quite often sought after

From the past until now, anime is still one of the shows that has many fans. Not only children, not a few adults also like anime. Yes, because anime does not only tell stories of fantasy and imagination. There are also some realistic anime, even those with tragic endings, aka sad endings. In fact, anime movie recommendations are quite often sought after today.

Sad ending anime is not only an entertaining spectacle. Watching anime movies with sad endings can also be a place to express pent-up emotions or sadness. Because, when watching anime recommendations for sad ending movies, we can also feel sadness and cry freely. Moreover, if it turns out that the sad ending anime movie has a story that is relevant to the lives of the audience.

Summarized from various sources, the following are recommendations for sad ending anime movies that can make the audience feel carried away.


Many people say GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES is one of the saddest anime movies of all time. This anime manages to stir the emotions of the audience in every scene, and continues to peak until the ending is very sad. The majority of people who have watched GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES admit to crying and having tears in their eyes. That is why, this anime is included in one of the sad ending anime movie recommendations.

GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES tells about the struggle of two brothers named Seita and Setsuko. Both children live in the era of World War. They become a depiction of innocent children who do not know anything but also become victims of the war. Living in wartime, Seita and Setsuko live by loving and protecting each other. Even as a brother, Seita does not hesitate to risk his life for his sister.


YOUR LIE IN APRIL also has a story that is no less sad. This anime tells the story of a pianist named Kousei Arima who stopped playing the piano after his mother died. One day, he meets Kaori Miyazono. Kaori is a violinist who has long harbored a desire to play music with Kousei.

Both love music, Kousei Arima and Kaori Miyazono slowly become close. Kousei started to open his heart to Kaori. But it turns out that Kaori has a secret that she is suffering from a serious illness. As a result, Kousei must experience the loss of the person he cares about for the second time.


I WANT EAT YOUR PANCREAS, don’t be fooled by the scary-sounding title. Because on the contrary, I WANT EAT YOUR PANCREAS is one of the anime movie recommendations with the saddest story. This anime story revolves around a character named Haruki Shiga.
In his life, Haruki Shiga feels lonely. He felt neglected by the people around him. One day, he finds the diary of a popular girl at his school. In the book, it is written that Sakura, one of the female students at her school, has pancreatic disease. Haruki was touched. He was originally indifferent to attention to Sakura. The genuine friendship that exists between them is so warm and touching.


Furthermore, in the list of anime recommendations for sad ending movies, there are 5 CENTIMETERS PER SECOND. This anime movie has a story that is no less touching than the three previously mentioned titles. 5 CENTIMETERS PER SECOND tells the story of the friendly relationship between Tono Takaki and Shinohara Akari. They had been friends for a long time, but they grew apart as they grew older.

Their friendship is on the brink, when Akari must accompany her parents to move out of town. Since then, they actually still try to maintain a relationship by sending letters. Unfortunately, distance and busyness turned out to be obstacles for their relationship in the future.


The next recommendation for the anime sad ending movie is HOTARUBI NO MORI E. This anime has a sad and touching story, about the relationship between a human and a forest spirit who cannot unite. Let alone united, the difference in dimensions makes them unable to make physical contact.

The story begins at the meeting of a character named Hotaru Takegawa with a forest spirit named Gin when he was 6 years old. At that time, Gin who is a spirit helps Hotaru who is lost to get out of the forest. At that time, Gin actually ordered Hotaru not to go to the forest anymore. But apparently Hotaru ignored the message. He just kept looking for Gin’s whereabouts.


For those of you who are looking for a sad ending anime movie recommendation, WOLF CHILDREN can be an option. The reason is, the anime which in Japanese is known as OOKAMI KODOMO NO AME TO YUKI has a very sad story. WOLF CHILDREN tells the story of the struggle of a mother who raises two special children who are descendants of wolf demons.

In this anime, a woman named Hana falls in love with a half-wolf man. From her relationship with the man, Hana gets two children who have characteristics like her husband, namely having the ears and tail of a wolf. Unfortunately, shortly after her child was born, the man who became the father of the two children died. Since then, Hana begins to live her sad days with her two special children.


Who doesn’t know KIMI NO NA WA? This sad ending anime movie recommendation is already very popular. This anime has an interesting story about, two pairs of boys and girls, namely Mitsuha and Taki. Mitsuha and Taki who live in different places and times suddenly switch bodies. Out of curiosity, they then look for each other and leave messages.

It was later revealed that their body swap incident was related to a major event that was about to occur. After that incident happened, Mitsuha and Taki couldn’t communicate with each other. Even slowly, their memories of each other also faded. However, when they meet Mitsuha and Taki, they are still aware of the bond between them.

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