Ryan Reynolds Also Wrote Deadpool Christmas Movie

Deadpool 3 will be released until November 2024, nearly six and a half years after the release of Deadpool 2.

But it’s not as if the character was purposely left in limbo for years, and it turns out we can see that. Deadpool is getting his own Christmas-themed movie.

Reynolds revealed this news during an interview with Big Issue, and it appears he’s co-writing the script sometime in 2018.

The script was created with Rhett Reece and Paul Wernick, the two men responsible for writing Deadpools 1 through 3.

However, like most people, the film “lost its way into the scrambling of Disney acquiring Fox and never getting made.” The script appears to be “a complete Deadpool Christmas movie,” with Reynolds suggesting that it could feature song and dance.

However, it’s not set to be a full-scale musical, and the actor hasn’t divulged any details. on the plot of the film.

But since the film will now be set in the MCU, things could be very different. We’ll have to wait and see what happens on that front.

Either way, I’m hoping that a Deadpool Christmas special will materialize sometime soon. Whether it’s a full-scale theatrical release.

Or once it’s built specifically for Disney Plus, there’s always room for a Merc With a Mouth to grace some sort of screen.

Especially if that means he has to wear a red and white suit, not the usual red and black.

And, frankly, we need to use a few more holiday movies that aren’t the usual cliche sentimental affairs. After all, only once can you watch Die Hard.


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