Review the Miracle Machine, the Most Powerful Machine in the DC Universe

The DC Comics universe knows an object that is extremely powerful which is able to manifest anything that is in their minds called the Miracle Machine. In fact, thanks to the awesomeness of this power, this Miracle Machine is considered the most powerful object in the DC Comics universe. However, not many people know about this thing.

It is no stranger if the DC universe is full of various sophisticated and extraordinary objects or tools, which can even change the existing reality. This object is clearly a bone of contention for many parties because of its strength. However, of the many powerful objects, it is clear that some are considered to have extraordinary awesomeness, for example, the Miracle Machine. So, what exactly is this thing like?

The Controller’s Gifts

Miracle Machine is a powerful cosmic object that is a gift. Miracle Machine, also known as Geh-Jedollah-the Absolute, appeared in 2960 in Adventure Comics #367. This machine was created by an alien race called the Controllers. The working system follows what happened to the ring from the Green Lantern, which is projecting the will or what is in the mind.

However, what distinguishes the Green Lantern ring and even makes this thing the strongest is that all of these wishes or dreams can come true. Not just a mere projection or pseudo-image. Apart from that, the Miracle Machine itself can also calculate a concept of life that exists in the DC Comics universe, namely the Life Equation.

In fact, they decided to turn off the object so that unwanted things don’t happen. It is because of this awesomeness that one of the nation, The Controllers, is trying to master it. The evil controller tries to use the Miracle Machine to fulfill his dream. However, fortunately the hero group Legion of Superheroes finally managed to stop the villain.

After the villain was defeated, the Controllers decided to give the Miracle Machine to the Legion of Superheroes. Realizing the great potential for danger, the heroes then stored it in a special storage room and had also used it several times to complete the missions they were carrying out.

In order to power up or use the Miracle Machine, the user needs to provide an extraordinary amount of energy. And this massive amount of energy cannot be found or fulfilled by earth-created objects. Energy that can be a source to power the Miracle Machine can only be obtained from various artifacts or other cosmic objects.

Any User

Before the epic events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, Miracle Machines appeared very rarely. In fact, its appearance is getting rarer after the event. However, the Miracle Machine has appeared twice in Grant Morisson’s story, where one of DC’s strongest hero characters, Superman, has used this thing. When space and time seem to be destroyed and out of control due to Darkseid’s actions in the Final Crisis event, it turns out to have an impact on Superman.

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