Review: The feature film about Lavi and Vyšehrad is an ingenious perversion

When the feature Vyšehrad was announced, which was to follow a series of short and simple anecdotes from the life of a bohemian genius and dylina, who kicked the ball from an early age before discovering what the bar was, one could not help but wonder if more than the usual five minutes in his presence will be tolerable and meaningful. And it is. The sports fairy tale for adults about how Lavi got married, he almost divorced almost, he had a betting mafia, found up with his lost son and tried to write memoirs, because he is absolutely great.

Of course, sports fans will appreciate a number of allusions and small rolls of football players, hockey players or, for example, MMA wrestlers. In addition, a substantial part of the plot consists of a corruption case predicted by the screenwriters and still unresolved with the management of the FACR and influencing the referees. However, with its freshness and overall relaxation, Vyšehrad will also entertain people who have the sport on the hook, and to appreciate most situations, it is enough to suspect that there is a small rivalry between Prague clubs.

Despite the straightforwardness and occasional predictability of some jokes, they simply cannot be demented – whether it’s a visit to a Slavic father-in-law, a burning trench coat, a grain of yesterday’s corn, bat contamination or a centered bulldog. In addition to a number of ingenious, disgusting jokes attacking the first good, it is necessary to appreciate the less ostentatious comedic timing hidden both in some acting performances and in the editing, which together with vigorous songs gives many situations in Fylm the right balls.

Of the actors and all those figures running across the screen, the viewer must necessarily enjoy them all. Jakub Štáfek is a great football player; in the same way, Jakub Prachař is perfect, especially when he runs away in detail with a dominant wife thrown for a bone or exhaustively offers his client abroad in all world languages.
Every scene of the betting mafia, embodied by the sleek Jaroslav Plesl and the gorilla David Novotný, is also excellent, for example when Lavi considers their threat to be a well-abducted groom, after which he ends up with a gag in his suitcase after an endless avalanche of fairy tales. She is magically untied in the role of Lavi’s dynasty, Lucinka and Šárka Vaculíková, who is also the centerpiece of several unforgettable perverse moments.

In the fourth case, this domestic film spring is marked by the character of a tiny-eyed barbed bear, who far exceeds his adult colleagues with his scorpion. Lavi’s branch, who in a moment rushes a Michelin dinner for his parody of his father and prefers to hide sharp objects in front of him, is in this case a very natural and non-violent story element, and on top of that the source of some of the funniest scenes. For example, if he masterfully takes my dad’s sports parish and packs a cat from school.

Comedy / Sports
Czechia, 2022, 104 minutes
Premiere: April 14, 2022, Bioscop
Directed by: Martin Kopp, Jakub Štáfek
Screenplay: Tomáš Vávra, Jakub Štáfek
Cinematography: Jan Filip
Music: Vojtěch Záveský
Cast: Jakub Štáfek, Jakub Prachař, Ondřej Pavelka, Jiří Ployhar ml., Šárka Vaculíková, Věra Hlaváčková, Jaromír Bosák, Veronika Khek Kubařová


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