Review of The Witch: Part 2 – The Other One The witch is still brutal..but the charm is gone.

Let’s continue with the action thriller sequel. That should become another movie franchise from Korea. This is “The Witch: Part 2 – The Other One,” which continues the story from the first film many years ago. that some people may have forgotten This is a movie that puts some horror with terrifying action scenes. It is a movie full of formulas for success. Although in this part, it was clearly felt that the original charm had faded.

The Witch: Part 2 – The Other One tells the story of a young girl waking up in a large laboratory. She tried to escape from there. As a result, he meets Kyung Hee, who tries to protect her from criminal gangs. But when the girl had to face them on her own She was able to overcome with remarkably immense strength. At the same time, there was another group of people chasing after the boy as well. Who is this girl? So why would anyone want this girl so much?

It’s called coming back together again. This is clearly an attempt to raise the bar and create a The Witch movie franchise to decorate the Korean film industry. After the first part was released in 2018 and is considered to have received quite satisfactory response. Coming back this time, it’s an expanded narrative. and continue the story from the previous part that was laid out Although the results of that effort are not yet finalized.

The director of “Park Hoon Jung” from the first film continues to continue the story in this part again. He certainly knew the direction and key elements of the film very well. This allows the movie to retain its raw, brutal and brutal sci-fi concept as well. The composition and design of the builds are fairly well portrayed by the standards he had built. To be honest, there’s still something missing in this movie. the charm of the movie which is quite unfortunately missing

The Witch: Part 2 – The Other One is a narrative that is an extension of the first part. There are quite a few points that connect them. Considered that the operation of this sector follows the original formula for success. Like a typical finished movie, the two hours of the film doesn’t tell much in-depth details. But the puzzles have been dropped little by little and it’s not very straightforward. Gives a feeling like I’m going to lock it If the movie comes out in the next part like that.

The tone of this Witch Killing 2 movie is like watching a movie called X-Men, the mutants of Hollywood. But instead put the Asian version of the haunting. To be honest, this movie is similar to The New Mutants, the recently released mutant movie. (But the results are disappointing) because the movie comes in that tone. But the timing was somewhat quieter. And it’s a little too indifferent.

But nonetheless, the performance of “Shinchia”, a new rising star actress. This is considered her first acting debut from this movie. After passing the audition, casting more than thousands of actors. Although her role in this story is unclearly outstanding. Because the chapters have not yet been delivered much. Neither the gestures and the inner acts in the film shine a bright spotlight on her. But since her acting is not less interesting.

The movie also features two actresses who play interesting roles, “Park Eun Bin” and “Seo Eun Soo”, who are considered essential success characters in the film. Even if they only came in as an additional element. and is considered to be launched in this sector is not lightly interesting However, it’s a pity to find that this movie has clearly reduced the scale of its grandeur from the first one. Because at least the stars are not as tight as the first part that has been made.

in case some people wonder If you’ve never seen The Witch: Part 1 before, will you still be able to see the movie? I will answer that you can watch The Witch: Part 2. You know about it. But may feel the basics are a bit spotty because this part doesn’t have a very clear background of the story from the first part. May be unfamiliar with the old characters that appeared in this sector. however It is considered that most of this sector will introduce new characters to join over.

Let’s just say that overall, The Witch: Part 2 – The Other One is considered a continuation and continuation of the story from the first film that paved the way. But because it’s a movie that uses a ready-made formula that almost raises the panel This makes this movie somewhat lacking in charm in many elements, unfortunately. The content of the movie is interesting but it can’t stimulate the audience’s mood very well. It turns into a 2 hour movie that is a bit dry. But it still gives satisfaction and surprise with the miraculous power and brutality that is put into it, not much.

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