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Evil organisation the Red Ribbon Army reforms with new and mightier Androids, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 to seek revenge. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has taken over Japan, with the latest anime film in the Shonen franchise focusing on Gohan and Piccolo as they battle the new androids from the Red Ribbon Army. With the new film set to hit North American theaters this August, a major update has arrived from the team behind the Shonen films, confirming that work is currently underway on the next anime project for Z-Fighters.

Currently, there are no plans for the Dragon Ball Super television series to return, although there are many stories from the manga that have yet to be animated. With the likes of the Moro Arc and Granolah The Survivor Arc being the main ingredients for a comeback, it will be interesting to see how the events of Super Heroes come into play in the future of the Shonen franchise. No details have been given in regards to what the new project will be or what the story will be like, though that won’t stop fans, and ourselves, from speculating.

In the latest issue of V Jump, Iyoku has this to say regarding the ongoing work on the new Dragon Ball Super anime project:

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero ganzer film made not only for Japanese audiences but also for the whole world. Dragon Ball is a series that Japan is very proud of, so we felt a sense of responsibility while working on the film. We did release it in America this summer. too! What? “What’s coming next”? Well, if you ask, a new entry to the series has already been made! Super Hero took five years to complete. Made it, so naturally we’ve already worked on what comes next! Toriyama -sensei himself is always working on new concepts and ideas for Dragon Ball. We’re all thinking about what we want to show the world next.”

A long time ago, there existed an evil organization known as the Red Ribbon Army led by Commander Red. Though they were seemingly defeated by the young child Goku, their head scientist, Dr. Gero, escaped and many years later was responsible for the creation of the Androids and Cell. Magenta, the son of Commander Red, has spent his time hoping to bring about the return of the Red Ribbon Army, using Red Pharmaceuticals as a front. He and his second-in-command Carmine learn of Dr. Hedo, the grandson of Dr. Gero.

As Carmine drives into the Red Ribbon compound, hidden away under a holographic lake, he fails to notice that he is being followed by Hachimaru, Dr. Hedo’s spy robot. Carmine delivers a video presentation on Dr. Hedo to Magenta which shows a family tree consisting of his grandfather Dr. Gero, grandmother Vomi and his uncle Gevo, who before his death became the model for Android 16. Although a genius, Dr. Hedo is unable to find steady work due to troubling research which includes resurrecting previously deceased humans and using them to run a convenience store for him in order to shore up research funds, a crime that leaves him imprisoned. Magenta and Carmine decide to meet him outside the prison upon his release.

Dr. Hedo is released from prison, dressed in a superhero style suit and meets Carmine and Magenta, who pull up in a car and invite him in. He reveals he already knows who they are, having used his spy robot to trail them ever since Carmine first came around the prison. Magenta proposes that Dr. Hedo come work for them though he is reluctant, knowing that Red Pharmaceuticals is secretly the Red Ribbon Army, his grandfather’s connection to the organization causing trouble for himself and his parents. As a superhero fan he also takes issue with their plans for world domination. Carmine attempts to threaten Hedo with a gun but Hedo reveals that he’s injected himself with serum that toughened his skin to withstand a certain degree of shock. In addition, Hachimaru, which lives in a compartment on his glove, carries a lethal poison. Magenta appeals to his sense of heroism and informs him that they believe Capsule Corporation is serving as the headquarters for a collection of aliens set on world domination themselves, and that the androids and Cell were part of a plan to stop them. He shows Hedo footage of Future Trunks killing Frieza and Hedo agrees to assist them and to contribute his research in creating the ultimate android superheroes.

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