Rediscover ‘The Lost City’ on Blu-ray and DVD This Summer

2022 has been a great year for film so far. There have been many popular franchises that have returned to the spotlight, but one of the biggest surprise original hits was The Lost City. Paramount’s romantic comedy adventure was a box office hit when it was released in theaters this past March, and it was well received by both critics and audiences alike. Now Paramount has announced that The Lost City is coming to 4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD on July 26, 2022.

The film humorously saw Sandra Bullock’s adventure romance novelist Loretta Sage get kidnapped by a crazed billionaire played by Daniel Radcliffe. This was all to live out the struggling authors’ novels and find the actual Lost City. The film has its fair share of laughs and the absurd plot lets the cast go wild in some joy filled scenarios. Particularly when it comes to Loretta’s cover model played by Channing Tatum trying to plan out a rescue mission with Brad Pitt’s Jack Trainer. Every scene with Pitt will have you in stitches on the floor dying of laughter, and he’s the highlight of the entire movie.

The Blu-ray for the film will come with over 50 minutes of special features. There are bloopers, deleted scenes, and various making-of featurettes. Those featurettes include “Dynamic Duo” which goes into Tatum and Bullock’s comedic chemistry, “Jungle Rescue” which takes you through the crazy stunts of the film, and “Building the Lost City” which goes into the film’s island location.

From the trailers, The Lost City just appeared to be another rom-com. However, it turned out to be a hilarious, heartwarming, and adventurous tale about love coming from the most unlikely of places. It was like if Indiana Jones was a lovably goofy romance novel. That was reflected in the film’s box office. It made $188 million worldwide on a reported $68 million budget. With the box office being overloaded with big franchise films lately, The Lost City was a breath of fresh air and the perfect example of successful counter programming. Especially with older audiences, this was an adventure more than worth taking.

Paramount has been the king of the box office ever since most movie theaters reopened in mid 2021. While their films like Sonic 2 and Top Gun: Maverick have the studio swimming in a deep pile of money, with Maverick about to join the $1 billion club, this romantic adventure’s success shouldn’t be lost on anyone. The Lost City is proof that not every film needs to be a billion dollar affair to be deemed a success and be treasured by their respective studio. The Lost City is coming to 4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD on July 26.

If you can’t wait that long to start a new adventure, Lost City is available on digital and to stream on Paramount+ right now.The Lost City finally placed massive stars Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum opposite of one another in a rom-com that really plays to their on-screen chemistry. As a romance novelist and a chiseled cover boy working together to escape an eccentric billionaire in search of a fabled treasure, the pair made an impression on audiences and critics alike. With the film available to purchase on Digital today and on 4K, Blu-ray and DVD July 26, Collider can exclusively unveil one of the deleted scenes that will be present in the home release and Digital release’s special features. The exclusive clip expands on the scene of Bullock’s Loretta and Tatum’s Alan resting in a hammock for the night with Alan having a brief heart-to-heart with her before they sleep.

At about fifty seconds, the clip further builds on the relationship between Alan and Loretta in a way the film likes to revisit. Despite his clumsy himbo nature, Alan shares some genuinely heartfelt and well-versed sentiments with Loretta at just the right moments to cheer her up. After they’re forced to share a hammock alongside a fire during their night in the jungle, he uses the moment to self-reflect and apologizes to Loretta for some insensitive past statements about her not being able to let go of her husband’s loss. He even helps put her grief into perspective in a way that visibly resonates with her. He shares how those close to us serve as our own “personal historians” and that, when they leave, it can feel like a part of us is gone too, something that hits deep for Loretta who shared so much with her husband.

Part of why The Lost City shines is through the chemistry between Alan and Loretta and those little moments that endear them to each other throughout the film. While she starts off a bit antagonistic towards him, Loretta begins loosening up over time and realizes how well-meaning he is and that he’s far more than just a pretty face for her book covers. This hammock scene really starts inching them closer together by tackling the grief that threatened to derail Loretta’s career.


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