One Piece: Wano Onigashima Battle Moment

I personally feel that the Wano One Piece anime plot is actually okay, but it has some weaknesses. Pacing groove especially, feels weird. Especially during the Battle of Onigashima.

On the one hand, there are some moments that make the plot of the Battle of Onigashima feel rushed. (Like Jack’s fight is so out of sight that he doesn’t have time to use a named move). On the other hand, there are fights that feel too long.

One of the other drawbacks of the Wano plot is… there are some scenes that I thought would happen in Wano. Even so, those scenes didn’t happen in the end. Anything?

In my opinion, this is a scene that should be shown in Wano One Piece!

  1. Bepo should be shown using Sulong’s form

Since Trafalgar Law has had quite a bit of spotlight in Wano, especially in the Battle of Onigashima where he and Kid won against Big Mom, I actually hope that Law’s men will get the spotlight.

Especially Bepo. Bepo is the second strongest person in Law’s group. While the second strongest person in Luffy’s group (Zoro) and the second strongest person in Kid’s group (Killer) gets the spotlight, Bepo feels like he doesn’t have a chance to shine.

In fact, while some Minks have become Sulong, Bepo is not shown to have attained that form.

  1. Longer and deeper flashback to Kaido

One Piece chapter 1049 does show a bit of Kaido’s flashback.

Even so, a number of One Piece fans still seem disappointed by the flashback.

There are some mysteries about Kaido and Rocks, and unfortunately Kaido’s brief flashback doesn’t answer most of those mysteries.

  1. Zoro should be given a moment to visit Ryuma’s grave

I thought Zoro would visit Ryuma’s grave before leaving Wano.

Because Zoro does have a history with Ryuma. That’s it, Zoro also had a long time using Shusui (which was eventually returned to Wano) American romantic drama film.

Even so, the Straw Hats officially left Wano in chapter 1057, and Oda doesn’t seem to have shown that happening.

It’s really a shame, especially since Kawamatsu and Hyogoro previously commented that Zoro looked like Shimotsuki Ushimaru.

The mystery of Zoro’s resemblance to the Shimotsuki family is strangely not explained in Wano.

  1. Shimotsuki Ushimaru, a figure who is very similar to Zoro, once helped Yamato… but there was no moment when Yamato commented on that to Zoro

Zoro is said to be Hyogoro and Kawamatsu similar to Shimotsuki Ushimaru. After Ever Happy romantic drama film.

The Yamato had met directly with Shimotsuki Ushimaru and yep, Ushimaru did look like Zoro.

After that incident I think if Yamato met the Straw Hats, there would be at least one panel where Yamato commented on Zoro’s resemblance to Ushimaru.

That moment didn’t happen.

  1. Deep flashback to King

King should have an interesting history.

He’s from the mysterious Lunarians. She is also mysteriously looking forward to Joy Boy.

With this in mind, I feel King should be given a memorable flashback scene. Like whether Lunarian has its own story about Joy Boy, and that’s why King is waiting.

Turns out that didn’t happen.

  1. Brook and Usopp should at least have a shining moment at the Battle of Onigashima

In plots like Enies Lobby and Arabasta in the past, Toei Animation all the Straw Hats have their shining moments. Although indeed, at that time the number of members of the Straw Hats was not as much as now.

Because of that, I’m also confused that Brook and Usopp don’t get a shining moment in the Battle of Onigashima.

Even though the enemy has many interesting characters for them to fight.

Let’s take Brook’s for example. There was a moment where CP0 chased Robin. I feel that at least Brook should be given a chance to face the CP0s. It’s okay Brook ended up losing.

Even so we don’t get moments like that.

  1. The moment Yamato changed his mind should have been presented better

I don’t mind that Yamato hasn’t joined the Straw Hats yet.

What I’m concerned about is that Yamato’s decision felt very sudden.

Previous chapters had hinted that Yamato would join, but suddenly he wanted to “follow in Kozuki Oden’s footsteps.”

This scene would probably be more acceptable if in the previous chapter (such as in chapter 1056) we were shown Yamato was hesitant to stay with Luffy, then in chapter 1057 it was revealed that he had changed his mind.

Either that or Yamato’s reasons for not joining the Straw Hats are presented more strongly, like when Vivi couldn’t join the Straw Hats in Arabasta first.

  1. Charlotte Smoothie should be given a chance to shine

Charlotte Smoothie is Big Mom’s underdog commander on Whole Cake Island.

He is still not highlighted in Wano, because he is one of those who failed to reach Wano. Only Perospero can help Big Mom in Onigashima.

I understand Oda chose not to include Big Mom’s crew. If Big Mom’s group made it to Onigashima, the war could be longer, and the alliance would be more difficult to win.

Even so, I think that characters who don’t have a shining moment at WCI like Smoothie should be able to join Perospero to Onigashima.

Those are eight scenes that I think should be shown in Wano One Piece action comedy film.

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