One Piece Red Movie Will be Released in August 2022

Today’s hottest news is good for One Piece fans around the world, the latest film entitled Red will soon be in theaters.

One Piece Film Red is rumored to feature Shank, one of the Yonkou “4 rulers of the seas” whose character has an unknown mystery.

The trailer for the One Piece Film Red film has been released simultaneously with the launch of the 1000th episode of the anime One Piece which airs worldwide.

According to rumors, this film will be directed by one of the directors who is already famous for making anime films, namely the creator of the anime Code Geass.

As reported by Collider on Wednesday, December 1, 2021, Toei, as the developer of the One Piece anime, has launched a trailer that has already given the shape of the Red film.

This film is rumored to be giving a glimpse of Shanks’ character, which from the start of the anime’s launch had a little screen time.

But this character is able to become one of the Yonkou without using the power of the devil fruit.

The trailer, which was officially released by Toei Animation, only lasted for 40 seconds, it still doesn’t show what will happen but can be seen, this film will focus on Shanks.

In the trailer, there is a woman who speaks in Japanese which translates to “will her voice lead to eternal happiness… Or an endless prison?”

Fans of this anime are really looking forward to the presence of this character because this character is the one who first gave the straw hat to the main character Luffy.

In the One Piece anime, Shanks’ character appears only a few times, the last one appearing more than 3 years ago in chapter 907, “The empty Throne” of the manga.

if in the anime series it appeared in episode 887 “an Explosive Situation – Two Emperors Go After Luffy” which aired in early 2019.

The latest film titled One Piece Movie Red will give fans a little flashback about the character Shanks who is a subordinate of the famous pirate Gol D Roger.

One Piece is an anime directed by Eiichiro Oda that lasted almost 22 years, which made its anime debut in 1999, while the manga has been around since 1997.

With the iconic main character, Monkey D Luffy, which tells the story of a fictional world filled with pirates. One Piece is the main goal of this pirate led by Luffy.

The treasure of the strongest pirate who earned the nickname of the pirate king Gol D. Roger became the main plot in this series.

But in its development, the journey and the entire battle of the Straw Hat pirate crew became the center of attention.

One Piece Red will be released in Japan on August 6, 2022 with a worldwide release date to be announced at a later date. Netflix announced that the selection of the cast will also involve comic artist Eiichiro Oda who will also be involved in making the live-action One Piece series.

Don’t miss it for you fans of one piece anime, wait for further news.

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