Notre-Dame On Fire Dare Quest to Break the Notre Dame Fire Get involved in the flames.

And this is a fire that has wounded the French throughout the nation. It also creates a shock for people all over the world. With real events that were picked up to be made into a good film from France, this is “Notre-Dame On Fire, a daring mission to break through the Notre-Dame” , a movie that takes the audience to explore with a catastrophic moment with the perspective of saving the situation. Brave firefighters who must compete with the pressure of every minute.

Notre-Dame On Fire picks up the shocking events of April 2019 and the worst overnight damage caused by the fire of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in central Paris. to be broadcast on the screen for the first time The only hope of salvaging this 850-year-old historic and World Heritage site lies with the firefighters. A man must break through a deadly fire in order to find a way to stop the cataclysm before it all disappears.

This is the work of the famous French director Jean-Chacques-Hennaud, who we are familiar with in the blockbuster films of the 90s such as Enemy at the Gates or Seven Years in Tibet. Coming back this time, it is considered that he has used his experience as a filmmaker for more than 4 decades to convey it into a drama movie with a bit of a documentary sophistication. with picking up the world’s major fire incidents

To be honest, Notre-Dame On Fire is a daring mission to break through the Notre-Dame fire. It would be a movie that is inviting to follow anyway. Because this is a (partially) modified perspective that people around the world rarely have the opportunity to get so many insides. The concoctions of this movie that use the same old recipes that still create a well-rounded flavor along the way.

Notre-Dame On Fire is a film with an in-depth timeline of just a few hours. but must be conveyed in many aspects within the duration of the film less than 2 hours to be So the first part of the movie is quite slow and almost boring. But enough to get in the way and reach the main point of the movie. It conveyed an hour-long thriller filled with flames and the hope of halting the situation as quickly as possible.

Jean-Chacques Hennaud has used a technique of storytelling that is not gimmicky. It follows an almost exact timeline of events, blending both the show’s scene and the footage from the actual event. The characters of this movie are quite numerous. And that’s why the movie doesn’t have time to focus on making one character stand out from the others. As a result, the overall picture of the film runs dry and there is hardly anything that stands out.

The movie may be documentary in some angles. But there is a need to have a show part to help polish the audience’s taste for the most part. Like the tagline that was said from the beginning in the movie that “Based on a true story that might be a bit incredible” that’s it…because the movie still puts a bit of negativity in it. It helps to adjust the mood of the audience in certain parts of the story throughout the story.

Because Notre-Dame On Fire doesn’t focus much on the character and performance. Therefore, no one is more prominent than anyone. But if talking about the overall composition of the casting in this movie It is considered that they are dedicated and fully with this performance as well. Even if I get the perspective and vision of acting outdated in the style of this porcelain director But anyway…it’s still a fun movie to watch.

In general, Notre-Dame On Fire is considered to be based on real events that were famous all over the world. Picking out the perspectives of the workers and staff on duty that day reveals that. It’s a good choice. To be honest, this movie can easily become a PR movie for the Paris Fire Department because almost 2 hours of this movie. It allows the audience to see the aspects of the officer’s work and the integration of the situation from both sides

not only that The film also reflects the religious beliefs and beliefs that are inserted in many moments, which at some point may be a bit too greasy. But it’s not overly extortionate. Because the mission of the firefighter featured in this movie is considered good. And it’s enough to make us feel a little jealous to see the house staff on duty with all the equipment and tools. along with the situation as well We also dreamed that we would see something like this in our home someday

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