Newest 2022! The 4 Most Exciting Anime That Must Be Watched

The 4 Most Exciting Anime That Must Be Watched. During this period, there were many cool anime that accompanied the audience, from the action, romance, fantasy, to comedy genres. However, the end of spring is the beginning of the release of an anime that is no less cool in the summer period.

In this summer 2022 period, some anime have been anticipated for broadcast by the audience. Some will continue the previous series, some will be adapted from manga to the famous tokusatsu series. If you can’t wait for the anime to be released in the summer 2022 period, let’s take a peek at the series of anime that the author recommends below!

  1. Rent a Girlfriend Season 2

Success with the first season, which was released in 2020, fans of the Rent a Girlfriend anime are certainly very enthusiastic because the second season of this anime has been released on July 2, 2022. This romance comedy genre anime will certainly be an interesting spectacle for anime fans.

Continuing the story from the first season, Chizuru will again pretend to be Kazuya’s girlfriend. After being dumped by his ex-girlfriend, Kazuya uses the services of a rented girlfriend and meets Chizuru. He also introduces Chizuru as his girlfriend to his family and friends. Despite their fake relationship, Kazuya slowly begins to like Chizuru and falls in love with his rented girlfriend.

  1. Classroom of the Elite Season 2

Not only Rent a Girlfriend will continue its second season, the anime Classroom of the Elite finally gets a second season after waiting for 5 years. Given that the first season has a very different story from the manga or light novel adaptations, surely many viewers are curious as to how the storyline in the second season will take place.

This second season will continue to tell the story of students at the elite Tokyo Metropolitan High School. This school has a caste system and each class will compete to be the class with the best score. As for the lowest class, they will be underestimated and not get a monthly allowance. Ayanokouji is one of the students in class D, the lowest class in the school. He and his friends try to survive the school hierarchy system which is considered unfair.

  1. Kamen Rider W: Fuuto Tantei

The Kamen Rider W series is certainly familiar, especially for big Tokusatsu fans. The Kamen Rider W series, starring Renn Kiriyama and Masaki Suda, is quite unique because it combines two people to become Kamen Rider. This detective-themed series also enlivened the summer period by releasing an anime-formatted sequel.

In this anime, the criminals in the city of Fuuto make a tool called Gaia Memory to turn themselves into monsters called Dopant. By becoming a Dopant, criminals are more free to commit crimes because they are stronger than ordinary humans. Meanwhile, the Gaia Memory also doesn’t seem to be just being abused as a source of power for criminals. Some people also use the Gaia Memory to fight crime, such as detective Shotaro Hidari and his partner, Philip. The two can combine into Kamen Rider W to defeat Dopant.

  1. Overlord Season 4

One of the isekai fantasy anime made by the studio MADHOUSE, Overlord, will also soon continue into its fourth season in July 2022. Precisely airing on July 5, 2022, this anime is the most awaited anime by fans.

Overlord tells the story of a Yggdrasil MMORPG game player named Momonga or Ainz Ooan Gown who is trapped in the game. After learning that he was trapped in the game, Ainz then tried to investigate the inner world of Yggdrasil in search of players who had experienced the same thing as him.

The fourth season will continue to tell the story of Ainz having found the Sorcerer Kingdom and taking over the throne in the city of E-Rantel. After conquering the Sorcerer Kingdom, Ainz established diplomatic relations with the Baharuth Empire despite betraying one another.

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