Movie Review Love and Leashes – One of the original Korean Netflix movies

This review of the Love and Leashes film contains leaks that may annoy those of you who haven’t watched it.

After successfully starring in the drama Private Lives in 2020, Seohyun “SNSD” is ready to make a comeback through her latest film in 2022. The film carries the title Love and Leashes which is an adaptation of the popular webtoon entitled Moral Sense. This is also the first time Seohyun has starred in a film after six years of not appearing on the big screen.

Synopsis Love and Leashes movie tells the story of Jung Ji-woo (Seohyun) and Jung Ji-hoo (Lee Jun-young), office colleagues who have the same name. One day Ji-woo accidentally took Ji-hoo’s package because he thought it was his. However, it turns out that the package reveals that Ji-hoo has a unique sexual taste and is now known to Ji-woo.

Based on the synopsis and synopsis, you might have guessed that Ji-hoo’s unique sexual taste in this film is BDSM. Ji-hoo is a man who has submissive or submissive behavior in a relationship. This makes Ji-hoo really like it when his partner in a relationship is more dominant and treats him like a slave or pet.

Meanwhile, Ji-woo turns out to be a woman who subconsciously has the instinct to control someone. Their meeting then resulted in a contractual relationship to satisfy each other’s BDSM desires. At first they only explored the dominance-submission part of BDSM, but after a while the two of them also tried other elements with a violent nuance.

The discussion about BDSM certainly reminds us of the Fifty Shades of Gray film series which also carries the same theme, right? However, the difference is that the way Love and Leashes is delivered about BDSM is not as vulgar as in Fifty Shades of Grey. Jujutsu Kaisen 0 The Movie 2022 Korean, Throughout this film, you will not see any nude scenes or sexual moments that are too vulgar.

This non-vulgar presentation can actually be proof that BDSM-themed films don’t always have to do sexual exploitation in their scenes so that the audience can understand them. However, of course, there will still be some viewers who think that the presence of the BDSM theme in the film seems irresponsible because there are no frontal sexual moments.

Most of the scenes in Love and Leashes take place in the office where Ji-woo and Ji-hoo work. So, it is not surprising that this film also raises various kinds of issues that often occur in the work environment. For example, Ji-woo who often gets discrimination from his boss just because he is a woman, while Ji-hoo, who is a man, always gets compliments even if he is wrong.

In addition, this film also raises the issue of how a woman is almost always a victim if she is sanctioned with her partner in the work environment. Crime City 2 movie 2022, This can be seen when the sanctions that Ji-woo received seem heavier than Ji-hoo even though they are both involved in the same problem. This film manages to convey the issue in detail and finish it quite satisfactorily.

Throughout the film, we will be able to see the development of the relationship between Ji-woo and Ji-hoo from being just ordinary colleagues to becoming BDSM partners. Unfortunately, according to KINCIR, the relationship building between Ji-woo and Ji-hoo feels too hasty. In fact, this actually doesn’t just happen to the two main characters, but a number of other characters.

The factor that causes this to happen is most likely because the story is an adaptation of a webtoon consisting of several volumes. However, the whole story is then summarized in a film that only lasts 118 minutes. Therefore, it is not surprising that the development of character chemistry in this film is being chased by the duration of the film. Deat on the nile film.

This is of course very unfortunate to happen because Seohyun and Lee Jun-young have played their maximum role, but the chemistry between the two is lacking. According to KINCIR, the story in Love and Leashes is much better as a series so that the character development or narrative is not rushed.

In addition to lifting the romance genre, Love and Leashes also contains elements of comedy. So, it’s not surprising that throughout the film you can see various funny scenes from the characters, whether it’s because of a dialogue or the behavior of the characters are ridiculous. However, according to KINCIR, the comedy element in this film feels less special

Some of the comedic moments are indeed funny, but the ordinary type of humor is not the one that can make us chuckle or even laugh out loud. Even so, this is most likely because Love and Leashes prefers to focus on the romance element even though it carries the romantic-comedy genre.

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Love and Leashes might be the right spectacle for those of you who are curious about the world of BDSM, but in a way that isn’t vulgar. This film will be suitable for you to watch with your beloved partner on the weekend. If you are interested, you can legally watch this film through the Netflix service starting February 11, 2022.

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