Minions 2: The Rise of Gru as usual…Minions are still entertaining as usual.

And the Minions are back again..! After they appeared to jam as a component to the main film. They’re continuing their own movie in “Minions 2: The Rise of Gru,” which is definitely back this time. They were still able to radiate out such an overwhelming charm as always. Although there can be some sense of the slew of ideas leading in this direction, at least the Minnesians are still entertaining as ever.

Minions 2: The Rise of Gru tells the story after the minions go on a hunt for the most terrifying villains of all ages. He is so disturbed that he meets Little Gru, a young boy who dreams of becoming the world’s greatest villain. along with those yellow pensioners that seem to help but more turbulent This time, Gru travels to a council of villains, Vicious 6, to become the ultimate villain. But since he was still a child causing the villains to not accept

Of course, Gru’s dream was more uncompromising than anything. So he decides to prove himself by stealing his mother villain’s precious jewel, Belle Bottom, prompting all the villains of Vicious 6 to hunt him down. Whether it’s a mighty villain, a futuristic nun armed with two maces. Or is it a human with clawed arms? But Gru is not inferior. Because he has his Minions and his trusty jet-powered bike. Gru decides to use a plan to deceive. By having one of the minions, Otto, take the gems to escape in the other direction. and he will be the one who lures the villains himself.

Everything seemed to go according to plan. and Gru is about to proclaim himself as the most insidious new villain. But when Otto brings out the gems It turned out to be a children’s play stone. which Otto told about the origin of the escape It was lost in the house of a child who was hosting a birthday party. and then accidentally saw this child’s play stone It immediately fell in love. before deciding to trade gems for children’s play stones To Gru, this was like throwing his future away. What will the turbulent story be? have to wait to follow

The film was directed by a pack of three, including “Kyle Balda” (from the previous Minions), “Brad Abelson” (from the shaky film Yellow Light), and “Jonathan Dale Val” (from The Secret Life of Pets 2), who doesn’t know whether this joining forces is meant to help keep the movie stronger or not. But I can tell you that…the more directors, the more it makes the movie feel like running in different corners even more.

Minions 2: The Rise of Gru still comes with the exact same formula as the previous one. It is a movie that comes to sell entertainment and the cuteness that doesn’t know the point of Minions to enjoy. Of course, at that point, the movie can meet the audience and create fun colors throughout this story. The Minion’s innocence continues to be charming. The cool ones! Bob, Kevin, Stewart are still stingy as ever. More in the sector is Otto, who is a mischievous member who stole the scene for this story.

That is, it must be admitted that Throughout the movie’s nearly 90 minutes, it’s filled with laughter and functional laughter. But if you look at the essence and the inside of this movie Instead, it was found that the movie had almost nothing improved from before. Reinforcing the monotony again when this part is still a narrative, going back to the days when Gru was only 10-11 years old when he learned to be a villain since childhood, which we should have heard about in the movie Despicable Me. Many sectors…is it true?

Make Minions 2: The Rise of Gru a whirlwind narrative. There may be only a handful of content. But it was brought to scale with the bright colors and jokes of the Minions. If you look at the various elements, the movie still lacks attention to the content in many points. Especially the Vicious 6 group that is put in is no different from the supporting characters in an animated Saturday morning movie like that. A villain that has no weight and origin. It’s like those who know fate will die in the end now and something like that.

And having 3 directors to help work together almost made the whole story incompatible. because you will notice that the tone of the movie will jump back and forth at some moment Even if it still tells a story that’s fun and makes the audience feel comfortable. But right now, in the middle of the desert, I suddenly bounce back to practice Kung Fu Fa and enjoy. Pol Pot also has both “Michelle Yeo” or “Taraji P. Henson” as new characters. But the movie doesn’t pay much attention to it.

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