M3GAN Voice Actor Addresses Potential Horror Sequel Return

After a successful opening weekend and critical praise, M3GAN voice actor Jenna Davis addresses a potential return to the horror role in a sequel.

M3GAN voice actor Jenna Davis addresses a potential sequel return to the terrifying killer doll role. Written by Akela Cooper, Blumhouse production’s newest horror flick is quickly beating out 2022’s highest-grossing thriller, Smile, at the box office. Starring Allison Williams, M3GAN follows young scientist Gemma as she takes in her orphaned eight-year-old niece, Cady (Violet McGraw). Determined to provide Cady with comfort and stability, Gemma gifts her M3GAN, an artificial intelligence doll, but her plans are quickly foiled when M3GAN turns out to be an obsessive, murderous villain who takes down anything and anyone who gets in her way. Lauded as an instant cult classic, speculation regarding a potential sequel started long before the film was released.

Speaking with NYLON, M3GAN voice actor Jenna Davis addresses a potential return to the horrifying character in a sequel. When asked if she wants to be involved in the doll’s cinematic future, Davis’ offers a hopeful response, saying it would be a dream come true. Check out Davis’ thoughts on M3GAN 2, and beyond, below:

“That would be a dream come true. Would I do seven M3GAN movies? Heck yeah, I would. I think she has a lot in her. She can go places, for sure. So if they want to make it, I’m down for it.”

Everything We Know About M3GAN’s Potential Future

Davis’ stance on M3GAN’s cinematic future echoes that of other creatives behind the film’s success. Producer James Wan, who has directed numerous Blumhouse blockbusters such as Saw, Insidious, and The Conjuring, has been vocal about his plans for M3GAN’s future. Months before the film’s release, he addressed a potential sequel, revealing he has plans for the world of M3GAN. Director Gerard Johnstone has also teased a cross-over event with Blumhouse’s rival doll, Annabelle. While not able to share precisely what they have in mind, Wan and Johnstone made clear M3GAN’s future would depend on how it performs at the box office. Luckily, it’s performed better than expected

Not only have M3GAN’s filmmakers given hope to its future, but Chucky creator Don Mancini has voiced his support for a potential multiverse between franchises. In November, Mancini shared that he was floating around ideas for a Chucky cross-over series with Universal. He mentioned M3GAN by name, saying it looks very fun, although he admitted to not seeing the film yet. However, to celebrate M3GAN’s release, he welcomed her to the killer dollhouse via Instagram, making it known his affinity for the new villain. While a light-hearted post, this could open the door to a conversation about a M3GAN vs. Chucky cross-over event, something audiences have already suggested.

The titular doll has already made her mark on the horror genre. While her self-aware nature lends itself to hilarious one-liners, meme-worthy dance routines, and viral song covers, she is still equally terrifying, proving to be a new horror icon. Though unconfirmed, it’s safe to assume that based on the movie’s early success, critical praise, and support from cast members, a M3GAN sequel announcement could be in the works.

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