Indie Film Site Alliance Forms Strategic Network with Top Media Outlets

Today marks the launch of the Indie Film Site Network (IFSN), a collaboration between well-respected media outlets covering the most essential developments in independent and international cinema. IFSN, which represents The Film Stage, Hammer to Nail, and Screen Anarchy, was created with a mission to support film criticism and foster an ever-growing community of indie film lovers.

Through reviews, interviews, podcasts, news, special features, and extensive coverage from film festivals across the world to theatrical, digital, and home video releases, IFSN has a combined reach of over 7 million visitors per month. With a dedicated audience through each site as well as their respective social media channels, IFSN offers premium partnership opportunities for distributors and filmmakers, with affordable packages that connect with the core of the independent film community. With this cooperation, each media outlet retains its editorial independence, and readers get a more favorable ad experience, highlighting films they will love through a curated approach in partnering with distributors. Following the launch, the network plans expansion into hosted screenings to directly connect their readership to exceptional cinema.

The IFSN team is comprised of Founders Jordan Raup, Editor and Co-Founder of The Film Stage; Eric Lavallée, Editor and Founder of; and Director of Sales Matt Delman, Founder and Principal of the digital marketing agency 3rd Impression and an editor at Hammer to Nail.

“In the evolving landscape of filmmaking and film criticism, the very definition of ‘independent’ is shifting and it is our mission to work with sites and distributors that still retain that singular focus on the best in cinema,” said Raup. “With Indie Film Site Network, we’re delighted to offer a destination for distributors and filmmakers where they know they will truly be reaching the most passionate fans of independent movies.”

“I’ve long admired the contributions of our media outlet partners and their commitment to championing ambitious filmmaking. We’re looking forward to collaborating on new projects geared towards both an already-dedicated audience as well as the next generation of cinephiles,” said Lavallée.

As part of an initial phase, IFSN has already partnered with top distributors on successful ad campaigns for Oscar nominees (“The Tragedy of Macbeth”), acclaimed foreign cinema (“Neptune Frost,” “Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy,” “Hit the Road,” “Great Freedom,” “In Front of Your Face,” “Martin Eden”), celebrated documentaries (“Free Chol Soo Lee,” “The Mole Agent,” “Boys State,” “Feels Good Man”), and indie hits (“Shiva Baby,” “Dinner In America,” “Possessor”).

“Roger was an advocate of independent voices both in filmmaking and in film criticism. It brings me great joy to continue this legacy daily on and support other outlets helping to carry on this independent spirit,” said Chaz Ebert, CEO of Ebert Digital LLC and cofounder of Ebertfest.

For more information, visit and follow IFSN on Twitter and Instagram.

For years now the faithful have prayed for its return and when a good faith effort finally reared its head, it was laughed off screens. We may not get another shot. And it’s not like it was some weirdly uncomfortable pretender to the throne, some “Fifty Shades of Grey” deliberately repressed to spare anyone who isn’t aware that people might enjoy things you can’t show on screen anymore. No, this was a sleazy little number by the man who practically redefined sex on screen in this country.

Adrian Lyne has had ups and downs, and a lot of his movies, for all their undeniable fetishes and fixations, appear at times to suggest that a life of frank eroticism is probably a bad thing. But there’s no denying they kept things sexy. He tried again to raise the collective temperature with his beautifully directed “Deep Water” and I was embarrassed for all of us that it wasn’t a hit. It didn’t even hit theaters, which seems to be more and more the case. Movies are becoming Sunday school, where you’re not meant to let your mind wander to bad things while in the presence of other people.

Fie upon this trend, I say. Let America daydream. Let America sweat. Let America forget to breathe because there’s something on screen from which they couldn’t possibly look away. A toast to Adrian Lyne, who only wanted what was best for us.

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