Hong Ye Ji’s Profile, 2037 Movie Players Who Are Still Highlighting

Hong Ye Ji immediately became a concern when she played Yoon Young in the film 2037. Even though she is a new figure for film and K-Drama fans.

The film 2037 has recently gone viral on TikTok Indonesia. One reason, the film’s story is similar to Miracle in Cell No. 7 female version.

Who exactly is Hong Ye Ji? The following is the profile that we have summarized.

  1. Biography of Hong Ye Ji

Born on January 31, 2002, Hong Ye Ji uses her real name as a stage name. He has a height of 162 cm and a weight of 45 kg. Hong Ye Ji is a Korean citizen and has blood type A. Currently, Hong Ye Ji’s status is an actress under Big Whale Entertainment.

  1. Hong Ye Ji’s Appearance on Running Man

For those who are curious about the figure of Hong Ye Ji, don’t miss her appearance in “Running Man” episode 605. Hong Ye Ji appears with Hwang Suk Jung and Kim Ji Young who are both stars in the movie “2037”. Jeon So Min who is a permanent member of “Running Man” is also known to star in the film.

The moment Hong Ye Ji was hugged by Kim Jong Kook was widely discussed. Because Song Ji Hyo had shown ‘jealousy’ to see the accidental scene. Even though Kim Jong Kook was only trying to protect Hong Ye Ji from getting hurt in the game.

To find out about Hong Ye Ji’s various activities, don’t forget to follow her personal Instagram @red..yeji or her agency account @bigwhale.official!

  1. Hong Ye Ji’s Career Journey

Hong Ye Ji turned out to be one of the participants in the show “Produce 48” (2018). At that time, Hong Ye Ji represented the agency CNC Entertainment. Unfortunately Hong Ye Ji was eliminated in episode 5. For information, the winner of “Produce 48” debuted as IZ * ONE which disbanded in 2021.

After appearing on “Produce 48”, Hong Ye Ji changed agencies to STARDIUM Entertainment. However, Hong Ye Ji’s dream to debut as an idol was again dashed. She then decided to pursue a career as an actress by signing an exclusive contract with Jung Entertainment in February 2021.

Hong Yeji’s acting career really began when she signed a contract with Big Whale Entertainment in September 2021. Big Whale Entertainment is also known to house actors Jung Man Sik and Ji Seung Hyun.

In addition to the film “2037”, Hong Ye Ji also played a role in the drama “The Blue House Family” and the short film “School Caste” with Cho Byeong Kyu as the main character, all of which will air in 2022. Don’t miss Hong Ye Ji’s other performances!

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