Hannibal’s Hugh Dancy Has Hilarious Response To Sexy Fan Art

Hannibal star Hugh Dancy has a hilarious response to sexy fan art of him and Mads Mikkelsen from the show, feeling both honored and disturbed.

With fans showing their love for the series in an unconventional manner, Hannibal star Hugh Dancy has a hilarious response to sexy fan art from the show. Dancy starred in the NBC series as Will Graham, a criminal profiler working for the FBI who suffers from an increasingly unstable mind psyche as his empathetic approach to profiling sees him lose his grip on reality. Co-starring Mads Mikkelsen as the titular forensic psychiatrist and serial killer, Hannibal scored widespread acclaim across its three-season run, though was cut short by its minimal ratings stemming from poor time slots, leaving many viewers disappointed at the show’s jaw-dropping finale.

In a recent interview with Collider to discuss Law & Order, Hugh Dancy reflected on his time working on the fan-favorite horror-thriller series, Hannibal. When asked about the relationship between Will and Hannibal and fans’ reaction to said dynamic, Dancy expressed his surprise at “the power of the Internet” and sharing a hilarious response to the sexy fan art of the two characters. See what Dancy said below:

I don’t think I fully understood the power of the internet, in that respect, and in terms of fandom. We weren’t at the cutting edge of that, but it wasn’t something that was part of the conversation… I don’t think you ever know that a show is going to spark that, in one person, let alone a community of people that would be a self-formed community like that. So, no, I had no idea. When we were doing any kind of press, or things with the public and fans, and they started showing us their art, which is both incredibly touching and sometimes quite disturbing to see yourself in these images. You go, “Okay, well, that’s what you took from this. I’m moved, but please don’t show that to me again.”

Why Will & Hannibal’s Relationship Was So Unique

While the show’s gorier elements and adaptation of Thomas Harris’ characters made up a good portion of the praise directed towards it, Hannibal largely was met with critical favor fo the central performances from its cast, namely that of Mikkelsen and Dancy. Though prior adaptations of Red Dragon, on which Hannibal is primarily based, included some exploration of Will and Hannibal’s relationship, the NBC show goes far deeper than any other work, actually tapping into the co-dependency they have with one another as their worlds become far more entangled than they previously expected. Hannibal does ultimately see Mikkelsen and Dancy’s characters on opposing sides of the law by the end of the show, but even in the midst of the international manhunt, Will and Hannibal not only find ways to forgive each other, but also express their love for one another.

This latter aspect of their dynamic has led to some criticizing Hannibal for being another example of queerbaiting in media, by which a title will tease the possibility of a queer relationship of some kind being explored, only for it to never come to be. While the show never explicitly shows Hannibal and Will exploring any romantic side, it can be argued that because the show was canceled after just three seasons, the pair never got to properly decide how they felt about one another. Showrunner/creator Bryan Fuller, himself an openly gay man, has defended Hannibal against these criticisms, acknowledging that their dynamic started out as a “non-sexual same-sex couple” but in his eyes evolved into “explicit queerness” and that to say otherwise feels “cynical and a little bit of a–holery.”

Will A Hannibal Revival Ever Happen?

Though some fans of the show continue to debate the exact nature of Will and Hannibal’s relationship, the bigger question on their minds is will a Hannibal revival ever come to fruition. Fuller, Dancy and Mikkelsen have all frequently expressed their desires to revisit the characters at some point in the future, with the Hannibal actor even indicating Fuller was attempting to acquire the rights to The Silence of the Lambs to continue their story back in 2019, though word has gone quiet since then. With Dancy recently indicating that a “sizable check” would be needed to produce a potential Hannibal season 4, one can only hope the show’s popularity on Netflix and now Hulu has sparked interest in one of the streamers to pick it up.

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