Get to know the 6 New Characters in Fast Furious 10

The latest trailer for Fast Furious 10 aka Fast X has just shown a glimpse of what the last adventure of Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his racing family will be like. Later it is certain that Dom will face enemies from the past who seem to be targeting all members of Dom’s family and trying to divide them. In the process Dom has to deal with many Fast & Furious characters, as well as a number of new characters that will enliven the upcoming Fast X film. From the friendly grandmother Dom to the ferocious villain, here are the new characters in the Fast X movie that you need to know about!


Before the trailer was released, Fast X had actually confirmed that actress Brie Larson would be playing a new character named Tess. Based on the official description of her character, Tess herself is described as an agent of the CIA, a secret government organization previously run by Mr. Nobody. Now based on what’s seen in the trailer, it looks like he’ll be turning against the CIA to fight alongside Dom and his racing family who are being hunted for false accusations. It’s still not clear what the motivation is, we’ll see.

Abuela Toretto

At the beginning of the first Fast X trailer, we are shown the new characters, who are none other than the grandmother of Dom, Jacob, and Mia Toretto, namely Abuela Toretto, played by veteran Hollywood actress Rita Moreno. So far, it is still unknown how big Abuela’s role will be in the film, will she suddenly appear in a sports car and take part in the battle? What’s clear is that he’ll take the time to stop by and rock Dom’s racing family barbecue. Where he also seems to be giving a sermon to Dom, before the big conflict begins.

Brian Marcos

Still from Dom’s biological family, Brian Marcos has actually been introduced in the film F9 (2021), where his character is played by twin actors, Isaac and Immanuel Holdane. In the upcoming Fast X film, the son of the character Dom and his girlfriend Elena who died in The Fate of the Furious will be played by new child actor Carlos De La Hoz. It looks like Brian is one of the important elements in the story of Fast X later, where he will be kidnapped by the main villain named Dante, so Dom inevitably has to save him through a number of dramatic scenes as seen in the trailer.

Racer Melchior Character

Actress Daniela Melchior has long been confirmed to be starring in the film Fast X and acting opposite Vin Diesel. A few days ago he was even the first to announce that the trailer for his film would be released today. Now, although the details of his identity have not been revealed, at least the Fast X trailer has shown at a glance that the new character that will be played by Melchior is a race car driver from Brazil, who has quite a close relationship with Dom’s past.

Agent Aimes

So far, not much has been revealed about the new character, Agent Aimes, played by actor Alan Ritchson in the film Fast X. In the trailer, he only appears briefly when he surrounds Dom with CIA troops on a bridge. Even so, based on the brief scene he is most likely an ally for the villain character Dante. According to his character description, Aimes is the new leader of the secret division of the CIA who replaces Mr. Nobody. Somehow he and Dante finally get to work together, what is clear is that Aimes has the potential to become a serious threat to Dom.

Dante Reyes

Finally, the new Fast X character that we shouldn’t miss is the main villain named Dante Reyes. Played by Jason Momoa, described as a flamboyant and brutal character, where it turns out he is the son of Fast Five’s antagonist, Hernan Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida). He seems to hold a huge grudge against Dom after his father’s death. That’s why in Fast X he will try to destroy Dom’s family, even going so far as to kidnap Brian Marcos. What’s even more interesting, he will also be allied with Cipher (Charlize Theron), the main villain in the Fast & Furious franchise who will also be back in Fast X.

Those are the 6 new characters that will enliven the Fast X movie later. Apart from the role of each of these new characters, it is clear that their presence will all be very important elements in the film. For example, the appearance of Dante will indirectly prove that what Dom has been doing all this time, namely to protect his family, has had a very bad impact on other families. We’ll see how exciting their battle will be, when the film Fast X will be released on the 19th of May.

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