Genius Meme Perfectly Nails Harry Potter In A Nutshell

A Reddit user compares the iconic fantasy character Harry Potter to a viral clip from the series Miracle Workers, starring Daniel Radcliffe.

Harry Potter has been encapsulated in a nutshell by a hilarious new meme. The Harry Potter film franchise, adapted from the series of children’s novels of the same name, began with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in 2001, a film that introduced worldwide viewers to actor Daniel Radcliffe in the title role as a boy wizard who discovers that he is magic and gets whisked away to the wizarding school Hogwarts. He would go on to reprise the role in every Harry Potter film all the way through the 2011 finale Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part Two.

On Reddit, user Alternative_Fox_6871 posted a clip from the Radcliffe series Miracle Workers with the caption “Harry Potter in a nutshell.” The clip, which is a talking head interview featuring his dark-age character Prince Chauncley, features the character bragging about how he was born rich, but he worked hard to get to where he is today, going on about how “exhausting” it is to stay alive. While Chauncley’s comments are more of a pointed satire of the upper class, they do seem to perfectly describe the trials and tribulations of the boy wizard Radcliffe brought to life.

Daniel Radcliffe’s Best Roles Since Harry Potter

After kicking off his career playing one of the most iconic heroes of contemporary pop culture, Radcliffe has made a variety of interesting decisions led seemingly by his desire to explore new types of roles rather than seeking further heights of fame and fortune. This includes Miracle Workers itself, a comedy anthology series in which he co-stars with Steve Buscemi. After a short period of figuring out what direction he wanted to go, in which he played more adult roles in films like the haunted house thriller The Woman in Black, Radcliffe settled into roles that felt even more like the antithesis to Harry Potter.

For some time, the actor has been gleefully playing villains in films including the Joe Hill adaptation Horns, in which he mysteriously sprouts horns that influence himself and others into hellish acts during a murder investigation. He played a more mundane but similarly evil part in the magical crime caper film Now You See Me 2. However, his best villainous appearance is arguably in 2022’s The Lost City, in which he played an amoral billionaire mogul who kidnaps Sandra Bullock’s romance author character while seeking ancient treasure.

However, the roles that show the Harry Potter star’s talents off to their fullest potential are the weirdest ones. That includes playing “Weird” Al Yankovic himself in the totally fictional biopic Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, in which Al is frequently shirtless, falls in love with Madonna, and takes down a cartel in between writing chart-topping parody songs. One of his other sparklingly weird recent roles was in 2015’s Swiss Army Man, a buddy comedy in which he plays a farting corpse that was directed by the duo behind this year’s buzzy awards hit Everything Everywhere All At Once.


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