Facts About Shanks and Uta Revealed in One Piece Film Red

Various facts about Uta and Shanks are revealed in the 15th film One Piece, Film Red.

Movies news, One Piece Film Red, which has aired in Japan on August 6, 2022 and aired in Indonesia on August 16, will reveal the past of Shanks the Red Hair and his daughter Uta.

Uta was introduced from the start as the daughter of Shanks, she is also a very famous singer and has fans from various circles including the Pirates.

In One Piece Film Red, Uta meets people from his past, Shanks and Luffy. The meeting took place on the island of Elegia where Uta’s concert was held.

From One Piece Film Red, facts about Uta and Shanks’ relationship and the strength of the two people are revealed.

Luffy is the one who knows the father and son relationship between Shanks and Uta besides the Akagami pirate group.

Although in reality Shanks is not the biological father of Uta. At first Shanks found a baby girl in a treasure chest looted by the Akagami pirates. When he saw the baby girl cry Shanks hugged her while humming. The baby girl was named Uta.

When finding Uta, Shanks remembers his childhood when he was found by Roger and Rayleigh when he was 1 year old, the Roger Pirates found him in a treasure chest during the events in Gud Valley.

As a result of remembering his past, Shanks decided to adopt Uta as his daughter. With the same past, finally the relationship between the father and son of Shanks and Uta is established.

Not only revealing facts about the past of Shanks and Uta, in the Red Movie the power of them is also revealed. In the film Red, Shanks’ true power is shown, Shanks is a high-level user of haki. Even Shanks’ Haki was able to keep two Admirals from moving.

Shanks’ Haki in Film Red is the same as the one he used to fill Ryokugyu in Manga One Piece chapter 1055, where Admiral Ryokugyu was in pain until he screamed due to the impact of Shanks’ haoshoku haki.

Not only Shanks, his daughter Uta also has terrifying powers. Where the power of Uta is able to create a Virtual World.

This power was obtained by Uta from the Uta Uta No Mi devil fruit. The way Uta’s power works is that he is able to bring a person’s soul into the virtual world he created and in the real world he will control the body of that soul.

But when using his power, Uta had to expend a lot of energy, after which Uta could even become unconscious due to the side effects when using his power.

Those are some facts about Shanks and Uta in One Piece Film Red.

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