Everything We Know About 65

The sci-fi adventure movie 65 has released its first trailer – we rundown everything we know about the upcoming Adam Driver vehicle.

The upcoming sci-fi movie 65 promises to be a unique adventure story. Sony’s 65 has released its first trailer, which showcases the film as a blend of different elements and genres as a science fiction, adventure, monster movie. Of course, that is clearly intended to be what makes 65 pop, with the movie also marking Adam Driver’s first major foray into the sci-fi genre since the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

Adam Driver leads 65 in the role of space explorer Mills, with Scott Beck and Brian Woods co-writing and co-directing the movie with Sam Raimi producing. 65 will also be one of the few non-Jurassic World dinosaur movies that could really make an impact in its theatrical release. Here is everything we know about 65.

65 Movie Story Details

In 65, Adam Driver’s Mills is a humanoid astronaut from another planet transporting 35 passengers on an exploratory mission, with Mills crash landing on Earth after his ship is struck by an asteroid. However, Mills has landed on Earth 65 million years in the past during the age of the dinosaurs, hence the title. With minimal equipment and weaponry on his side, Mills finds himself in a fight to survive against towering T-Rexes the look to have stepped from Jurassic Park as well as other dinosaurs. Mills also acts as a protector to the only other survivor of the wreck, a young girl named Koa.

65 Movie Cast

Being set 65 million years in the past, 65 has a very small human cast. In addition to Driver portraying Mills, Koa will be portrayed by Ariana Greenblatt. Chloe Coleman will also appear in 65, though her role is unknown. Otherwise, 65’s supporting cast will largely consist of dinosaurs. That said, with Mills radio communication with his superiors, more human characters could also appear in 65, most likely early on as Mills begins his mission in space.

65 Movie Release DateAdam Driver Astronaut In 65 Movie Trailer

Sony’s 65 has undergone numerous changes in its release date. The hotly anticipated sci-fi movie was originally scheduled for May 13 and then April 29 of 2022. 65’s release date was later shifted to April 14 and April 28 of 2023, before finally being set to debut in theaters on March 3, 2023.

65 Movie Trailer

The trailer for 65 can be seen below. With the heart-racing survival story the film’s trailer teases, 65 already looks likely to be one of 2023’s most stand-out sci-fi movies, and well worth the wait of its many delays.


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