Episode 14 of Drakor Eve Makes Ratings Rise, Seo Ye Ji cries until she is angry

The Korean drama Eve has reached episode 14. In Eve episode 14, Seo Ye Ji showed her acting ability to cry until she was angry and full of emotions which earned praise. Eve episode 14 scored a rating of 3.78% based on Nielsen Korea data. Eve’s drama rating increased compared to episode 13 which was only 3.35%.

Eve episode 14 continues the previous story that made the audience anxious. Lee La-el (Seo Ye Ji’s player) and Kang Yoon-gyeom (Park Byung-eun’s player) both slumped down after pushing each other. Chairman Kang then couldn’t help but express his sadness at knowing that the woman he loved so much had a shrimp behind a rock when he approached him. “For the first time in my life, I opened up to someone. What are the consequences,” he said.

Chairman Kang then remembered that Lee La-el was after Gdiks’ original contract. He again tried to confront Lee La-el. But the woman managed to escape. Push-push action occurred again. This time, the leader of Kang, who was pushed by La-el, fell unconscious.

Entertainment News, at the home of prime minister Han Pan-ro (played by Jeon Kook-hwan), Jang Moon-hee, who is being held captive in the basement, is being tortured. He was asked to withdraw his lawsuit against the LY company.

Han So-ra (Yoo Sun) tries to take Jang Moon-hee (Lee Il-hwa’s player) away from the basement at Lee La-el’s request in order to get her husband, Kang Yoon-gyeom back. But his efforts failed. Jang Moon-hee ended up dead instead.

Eve episode 14 presents Lee La-el crying in the morgue. Moreover, he saw the condition of Jang Moon-hee’s corpse which was full of injuries. His grudge against the people at LY’s company, including Han So-ra and prime minister Han Pan-ro, is getting hotter.

Seo Ye Ji Reveals Her Identity in Drama Eve Episode 14

After Jang Moon-hee’s death, Lee La-el decides to reveal his true identity. He no longer uses the name Kim Sun-bin. Emailing many media outlets, Lee La-el refers to herself as the daughter of the CEO of Gediks Semiconductors. He will represent the victim LY in the lawsuit against Kang Yoon-gyeom and Han Pan-ro’s company.

After coming to the Seoul District Court, Lee La-el saw the figure of Kim Jeong-chul who was on the phone. La-el could no longer contain his anger when he saw the man who killed his father. Riding his car, he sped up towards Kim Jeong-chul who was thrown into the street for fear of being hit. La-el did not stop the action. He ran over Jim Jeong-chul’s leg with a car. He also went down to stomp on the man’s feet again with his shoes.

“Call me Kim Jeong-chul, let’s talk one-on-one,” while throwing a business card at Jeong-chul who was in pain because his leg was run over by La-el’s car.

The drama Eve episode 14 ended with a scene where Lee La-el was determined to kill Han So-ra because she had killed her mother and adoptive mother. “I will kill them all,” he shouted while trying to restrain Seo Eun-pyung (Lee Sang Yeob’s player)

But his determination was restrained when he saw Kang Yoon-gyeom cry while talking to Han So-ra. His heart melted at Kang Yoon-gyeom’s request.

“I only have one request. Even though our love is not destined to be together. I hope he will remember me with love,” he said.

Korean drama Eve will air its final episodes, namely 15 and 16 next week. The drama, which every episode is tense, full of anger and sadness, is scheduled to end in episode 16 on July 21, 2022.

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