Death Stranding Film Adaptation Will Be Made

Death Stranding is one of the phenomenal games released in 2019. How could it not be? The game carries an unusual gameplay, in which players control a character named Sam Bridges. He served as a porter connecting survivors scattered across the United States, in hopes of rebuilding civilization and saving the country that had been devastated.

Later, Sam is given cargo to be sent to various locations. But the task becomes very difficult because Sam has to traverse a dangerous world. He will also face dangerous enemies like BT and a group of thieves who are ready to target his cargo.

There are many who like this game, but there are also those who think that shoppingmode Death Stranding is just a “walking simulator” game. Despite this negative opinion, there are efforts to bring Death Stranding to a new realm. Variety reports that a shoppingmode adaptation of Death Stranding is in the works.

It was stated that Kojima Productions (Hideo Kojima’s production house) collaborated with Hammerstone Studios to develop the Death Stranding film. The film’s plot has not yet been revealed, but it is confirmed that it will introduce new elements and characters.

Hideo Kojima recently also came down directly to confirm the news. “I am very excited about this partnership with Hammerstone Studios. This is an important moment for the franchise and I look forward to collaborating with them in bringing the world of Death Stranding to the big screen.”

Apart from working on the shoppingmode adaptation film Death Stranding, Kojima Productions is also working on a film adaptation of Metal Gear Solid. Actually, the project has been under development for several years, but the project has only recently moved forward this year. Oscar Isaac has also been appointed as the main actor in the shoppingmode film Metal Gear Solid.

Indeed, currently, film adaptations of video games are on the rise. shoppingmode Sonic the Hedgehog and shoppingmode Uncharted are clear examples of how film studios are competing to work on film adaptations of games. With a track record of game adaptation films that mostly end in failure, hopefully the Death Stranding film will not experience the same thing.

Until now, there is no known release date for the Death Stranding shoppingmode film. Let’s just wait for the release schedule, Geeks.


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