Dangerous Liaisons, a dangerous love game, a big-scene soap opera from France.

Let’s come to this teenage love movie from France. This is a film that takes the classic opus from the dust and washes it out again. Interpret it to look more modern and come out as “Dangerous Liaisons ” It’s a soap opera after news from France and something like that. Because just listening to the plot is very reminiscent of Thai dramas. But this time it turned into a plot in Europe. And how will it turn out?

Dangerous Liaisons tells the story of a high school girl, Selene, who moves from Paris to live in the famous resort town of Biarritz in the south of France. Where youth society is filled with fierce competition Before meeting Tristan, a surfer and the hottest guy in town. And the two begin to enter each other’s arena of relationship danger. Because Selene already has a partner as Pierre, while Tristan is remembered for Vanessa the famous celebrity. The fake love snare game started right there.

It would be said that this is a French movie with a plot that is very clearly a soap opera after the news in our country because every element is awkward. almost all greasy Although the face of the film may be seen as a film about the love interest of school-age teenagers. But it appears that the results Suede cannot be ambitious and cannot be conveyed to the end of a single path. It’s just a cool plot, combined with old-fashioned movie rhythms throughout the story.

The film is adapted from the immortal poem of the legendary poet Pierre Chauderlos de la Clos, considered an 18th-century literary masterpiece. modern day story while retaining the distinctive structure of the original to be put into the movie. causing the result to be almost completely broken because by coming across between the old-fashioned storyline with an effort to cook it out to match the era It has become old and new, mixed with the kind that the audience doesn’t know what they want to feel in the first place.

Rachel Swiessa, French actress has turned into a director for the first film with this In addition, she also contributed to the creation of a movie script. by her debut work It is considered a pass in terms of production and perspective in visual design elements and the design of various scenes of the story, but in terms of screenplay and storytelling, it is still considered unsuccessful. Because it is almost impossible to find the highlight of the film’s impressive point. The sequences and segments of the movie are also poorly executed.

while the performance elements Although the movie casts quite a variety of actors. Most of them are teen stars who are still relatively new faces. Probably wouldn’t be expecting anything here, but at least the charms and chemistry of the actors were a good match. to meet the chapters that have not yet been sent with narrative that is rarely used Considered to be doing their best on their part, “Paola Locatelli” and “Simon Reroll” both used their charms to support the movie fairly well.

The hours of Dangerous Liaisons were like watching an unsettling drama after the news. Although the plot is quite accessible. like the concept that the game trick tricked her into falling in love with something It is a successful formula plot that has already penetrated the audience. Just when it comes to telling the story and conveying it out then. Considered not as successful as it should be. Because I don’t know where the movie wants to send the audience exactly. Wanting to be a teenage love movie is still unclear. Whether it’s a high school social movie, it’s still halfway, or it’s touching on the issue of competition in social media.

To sum it up, Dangerous Liaisons is a teenage romance from France. that still gives the audience a taste that is not the end It’s a very intense feeling all the time I’m addicted to this movie. It’s hot, torn to erotic, it can’t be touched. Or to love the dirty water, it still can’t reach the point as well. Therefore, it turned out to be a teen movie that can be consumed through the eyes, but did not give any thoughts and perspectives for the audience to remember how much. It is probably a movie that has already been opened and passed. It’s unlikely that anyone would ever think of reopening this rottenness over and over again…is it true?

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