Cracked movie. Horror picture  overflowing with effort. But it’s interesting to see the style of the actress.

It’s the turn of the thriller. The latest news sent directly from CG Major, a joint venture between Thailand – Korea and “Cracked Imagery” that is considered a film that has been shot. You can finish it for a while. But because of the COVID-19 situation causing the movie to fade and find auspicious time Re-runs until now This is the work of a Thai ghost movie that Mixed with the creation of the international level at look even better Although the elements Especially the plot is still quite Still need to improve a lot.

Cracked portraits are the story of the collection. The painting of the mystical that Ruja inherited from his father painter. She must hurry to repair the painting to sell it and bring money to save her daughter Rachel’s eyes. With the young artist Tim, the art restorer came to work to restore the painting. before becoming one of the Combining fate with the mystical force hidden in the painting with them

This is a great film work. A young director “Top-Surapong Ploensaeng” that collects experiences from the advertising industry for many years When coming to pick up the construction work at bigger and lays the root of the story more stable It seems that his production It doesn’t come out very smooth , but nevertheless, I have to give a thumbs up. on the production design elements Used to tell the story of this movie because it helps to raise the level of Thai ghost movies. has increased internationalization with a perspective and visual angle that is quite No matter how much you see it

, Cracked’s main weaknesses, horror, are still the same weaknesses. of the Thai film industry, that is, the screenplay that does not create any novelty to the audience The plot is quite repetitive and tactile, although there is still some way to go.Birds can filter out stories for fun. But unfortunately the movie is still The play was unsuccessful. how much Even though the movie is only a little over an hour long , it gives it a long , cynical feel .

The movie runs out of time for the intro. long for an hour After that Don’t come and tie the knot in a succinct way. too much effort The effort in this film became something that deteriorated clearly The movie tries to rip direction and play. The story got to the point where it was supposed to be the peak, but nevertheless it turned out to be a movie. There is almost nothing there. How much can you remember? It’s a ghastly horror and nothing to keep on thinking about. It came out of the cinema,

but cracked, the frightening picture still has an interesting feature. not less as well One thing that has been foreshadowed is that production design that designed the scene and the various angles to help create an atmosphere full of despair and fearon the movie very well But personally, I think that the tone of the picture and the color The film itself is a bit murky, just like sitting in a dark cinema , almost invisible. that has been put on the screen where ghost movies full of dark tones good mood but still not very amenable

and another element that is probably The best and the best The highlight of the movie is the performance of 2 actresses “Pat Chayanit Chansangwet” who are considered to release and shine brightly in this movie. This is another role that The challenge and her stone work. which she can bear and The fry came out very well. The kind that can go into the reservation waiting to win. She won an award for leading actress on various stages . both the mood and the way her performance reveals that this is a professional actress ,

while another person that cannot be overlooked is “Nong Nina-Nattacha Jessica Padowan”, a half-breed child actress who shows The performance of the show was amazing. more than the audience expected and will not be surprised at all will be able to enter the award You can play a supporting female role from this story.Another person, while “Nichkhun Horvejkul” is a bit unfortunate. The chapter he received was even though there was no but it’s full Putting some effort into the role , he managed to get his performance out of the way. Just the standard, not bad, but still not the best. And the script also played a part in his deterioration , because he was still unable to convey that emotion come out to the desired point Seeing only one effort

Let’s just say that overall, Cracked is a horror film that has A production that can take ghost movies to the next level, even though the plot still has to change. Improve a little more The movie is full of good efforts. Even if it still can’t be filled full of perfection It’s a movie that’s fun to watch and haunting. There was a rhythm that shocked the audience moderately. But still nothing is remembered , and do not overlook Pat Chayanit’s outstanding performance, which is considered to be doing better than expected. quite a lot

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