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Why It’s Scary When The Petals Fall Off Numenor’s White Tree

Queen Regent Miriel’s heart is swayed by the falling petals of Numenor’s beloved white tree. Here’s why…

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When Mother! was released in 2017, it was the subject of feverish debate and relentless criticism. Darren…

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Tales of the Jedi Release Date, Trailer, Characters, and Everything We Know So far

While shows like Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Bad Batch have done a lot…

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Entergalactic Release Date, Trailer, Cast and Everything You Need to Know

From A Hard Day’s Night by The Beatles, Intersella 555 by Daft Punk to Lemonade by Beyoncé,…

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Recommended 5 Anime with the Strongest and Coolest Demon King Characters

In anime, demons are usually shown as series antagonists. Devils are always synonymous with evil so they…

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One Fine Morning Review Lea Seydoux Shines in Mia Hansen-Love’s Story of Love and Loss

Mia Hansen-Løve has a way of making even the most introspective, quiet stories feel grandiose. Take, for…

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How to Watch Morbius Is the Spider-Man Spin-Off Streaming Online?

The Spider-Man Universe got a new addition in 2022 in the form of Morbius, the Sony Pictures…

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Netflix in September 2022, Popular Korean Drama

Netflix is ​​the most popular streaming channel that provides a number of new and old shows from…

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‘The Snake Queen’: Samantha Morton on Her Obsession With Catherine de Medici

From writer and executive producer Justin Haythe and director and executive producer Stacie Passon (based on the…

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One Piece: Wano Onigashima Battle Moment

I personally feel that the Wano One Piece anime plot is actually okay, but it has some weaknesses….