Bullet Train Review and Synopsis: Exciting, but Less Exciting

From the beginning of the film, we meet Ladybug (Brad Pitt) who has repented. He is now more zen, more namaste. He even received his new code name although he didn’t think this name would change the fact that he had always been unlucky. Tonight, he did his new humble job because once again, he had repented. He just needed to take a suitcase with a train sticker then get off the train which stops at the station for just one minute.

Of course this simple job is not as simple as it seems. Not only did Ladybug encounter various types of humans who somehow tried to finish her off, these people also had strange motives. There are twins, Tangerine (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Lemon (Brian Tyree Henry), who seem to have met Ladybug several times. There is a mafia kid (Logan Lerman) who seems to have his own interests.

There’s even a Mexican mobster called The Wolf (Bad Bunny) who attacks Ladybug right away before she says anything. And there’s also an innocent little boy (Joey King) who doesn’t look as innocent as he seems. Now Ladybug is just trying to figure out how to safely complete her mission.

Adapted from a book called Maria Beetle by Kotaro Isaka, Bullet Train movie has many weapons to entertain the audience even though not all of them are successful. But one thing is for sure, Brad Pitt still has the ability that only top Hollywood stars have where his charisma alone is more than enough to make this film fun to enjoy.

If you miss Brad Pitt’s effortlessly cool acting a la Ocean’s trilogy, Mr. and Mrs. Smith or Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, you’ll love Ladybug in this movie. Brad Pitt not only stole the screen but he also managed to show off all the scenes that require physical well. He had never looked this agile before.

Plot-wise, Bullet Train written by Zak Olkewicz is quite curious because his decision to tell this film is not linear. The grayscale motivations of each character make the adventures of Ladybug and all the passengers on the train a little less interesting.

But sadly, Bullet Train has the same problems as most Hollywood blockbusters. Bullet Train tries too hard to come up with a joke that ends up with more misses than hits. Maybe because the recipe for jokes in Bullet Train we have seen hundreds of times in similar films (all recent Ryan Reynolds films and also MCU films).

Bullet Train actually feels fresher when it focuses on the main character. Turning a former assassin into a penitent and trying namaste turned out to be a good decision because in the end everything Ladybug did became a source of comedy. And Brad Pitt knows very well how to exploit this. As a result, every time Ladybug has to act, the scene feels festive.

Directed by David Leitch who has recently been ordained as one of the best action film directors thanks to the John Wick series and also Atomic Blonde, he composes Bullet Train with much more excitement. If John Wick is dark and Atomic Blonde feels monochrome, then Bullet Train comes with eye-catching colors, complete with flashy graphics.

Not only that, the music is also “noisy”, making the whole Bullet Train trip even busier than usual. Although Leitch still needs to sharpen his humorous veins, but he can’t be doubted in putting together action scenes. The action scenes in Bullet Train are made to be shorter and comical but the effect is as exciting as Keanu Reeves’ action in John Wick.

Visually, Leitch is also more mature because the Bullet Train image is really pleasing to the eye. The scene in the third act shows that this film is more than worth seeing in theaters. Bullet Train may not be as memorable as Brad Pitt’s other films but this film is more than worth watching on the big screen.

With a mysterious plot, interesting characters and a not-so-serious tone, Bullet Train is the perfect spectacle to give your brain a break. Bring your friends or relatives and have fun with Ladybug.

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