Best TV Series That Did Musical Episodes

Musical episodes are fun, different, and serve the plot in more ways than one. Here are the best TV series that did musical episodes. Musicals offer the opportunity to deliver plot, emotions, and grand dance numbers through song. Most of the time, these productions are on stage or the big screen. Yet, sometimes, these hits find their way right into our living rooms on broadcast television. Musical episodes bring something different to a series that otherwise wouldn’t incorporate much music, netflix series thereby allowing viewers to see their favorite characters take on personas that wouldn’t be the weekly standard.

Shows like Glee and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist take the standard sitcom and turn it into a musical. For example, in Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, the main character finds herself able to hear the songs that others around her are singing within themselves. It offers her an introspective view on these individuals’ wants, desires, and feelings. This is the standard for most sitcoms, but when a comedy or drama invites a musical episode into the series, it is always a treat. Here are some of the best musical episodes on TV, ranked.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer — Once More, With Feeling

Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered in 1997, and was amongst some of the most popular television shows of the time. Even today, fans of the series flock to watch Buffy, who is infamously played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, defeat vampires and all forces of evil. In season seven, a demon casts a spell that causes the townspeople to break out in random song and express their inner feelings. The episode becomes a major plot device, allowing the characters to delve into deeper emotions with one another and drive their stories forward with little exposition. As always, Buffy and the gang overcome the evil, but not without consequences. The group must now deal with the ruins of what has been revealed, which, of course, complicate things further between Buffy and Spike. Netflix.

That 70s Show — That 70s Musical

If a musical themed episode for That 70s Show seems like something only Fez (Wilmer Valderrama) would dream up, then you are absolutely right. The season four episode “That 70s Musical” is mainly told from the view point of Fez, who is excited about the spring musical he is in. Watching streaming, He spends much of his time reminding his friends to come to the musical to support him, and, as imagined, they are unamused at the thought. Fez draws multiple fantasies showcasing the cast in his in head imagined musical production. The episode features hits of the 70s like Steve Miller’s “The Joker,” Nazareth’s “Love Hurts,” and The Turtles’ “Happy Together.” The characters are pulled completely out of their elements, but their personalities shine through in the musical numbers, making it one of the most enjoyable episodes of the season.

How I Met Your Mother — Girls Versus Suits

How I Met Your Mother is a sitcom that hits all the comedic beats, but delivers the story through narration. The series focuses on Ted, played by Josh Radnor, and narrated by Bob Saget, who is telling his children the story of how he met their mother. In season five, Netflix streaming, Ted tells the story of how he almost met their mother in the musical episode called “Girls Versus Suits.” While Ted is busy chasing love in almost all the right places, Barney, played by Neil Patrick Harris, attempts to win the affections of a new bartender. When he learns that she isn’t a fan of suits, Barney is ultimately given an ultimatum; her or the suits. In his head, Barney constructs a fantasy where he breaks out into a musical number, “Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit.” The episode ultimately plays to Harris’ musical theater strengths. Indeed, the actor has appeared in various Broadway musicals, like Cabaret, and has made guest appearances in musical shows like Glee.

The Office — Andy’s Play

According to Screen Rant, The Office sits at number two in a list of the 25 best sitcoms of all time. There is no doubt that the workplace comedy is one of the most beloved and rewatchable shows on television. “Andy’s Play,” episode three of season seven, is considered the series’ musical episode. Andy, played by Ed Helms, is trying to convince his co-workers to come see him in a local production of Sweeney Todd. His co-workers agree to come to the production, Netflix official but this of course isn’t without the natural chaos that they bring. “Andy’s Play” allows fans to see their favorite office crew outside the office and interacting with their community, inviting an always pleasingly comedic episode conclusion.

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