Avatar 2 Fortunately, the Third Film is Officially Made

The Avatar 2 film managed to make a big profit by getting a fantastic amount of income and is ready to present a third film. According to his information, Avatar: The Way of Water has succeeded in getting more than 1.5 billion US Dollars in revenue. This figure even exceeds the gross income of Tom Cruise’s most recent epic film, Top Gun: Maverick. The success of the Avatar 2 film seems to be repeating the success of the first film.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the director, James Cameron, explained that it would not take long for the film to return to its initial capital (Break Even Point) and make a profit. In fact, to exceed the initial capital it only takes a few days. “Seeing the right momentum that the film currently has (the film) managed to exceed our (production) capital in the next few days.”

Ready to Make Another Sequel

Previously, Cameron had caused a media uproar by speculating that Avatar 2 would earn at least US$2 billion to return production capital and become capital to present another sequel. According to a report from THR, the production costs disbursed to make The Way of Water itself exceeded US$400 million. Coupled with marketing and advertising costs, the total amount reached 600 million US Dollars.

Seeing the huge success of Avatar 2 made James Cameron himself optimistic about making another sequel.

“I can’t deny that (Avatar 2’s big advantage), I will present another sequel. I know what I’m going to do for the next six or seven years. The bottom line is we’re going to be fine. I’m sure we’ll be having discussions with Disney officials in the near future about future plans for Avatar 3, which is already on our list. Avatars 4 and 5 are currently in development. Meanwhile, Avatar 4 has started to be developed. We’ve built a franchise at this point. We’ve started a saga that could appear in multiple films.”

About a year ago, James Cameron himself presented his big plans for the Avatar franchise. In his long-term plan, an Avatar sequel will be released every two years starting with Avatar 2. Based on this, if everything goes according to plan, then Avatar 3 will officially premiere in December 2024. Let’s just wait, geeks, for more news from Avatar 3 in the future.

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