7 Life Lessons You Can Learn from the Movie Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Studio Dream Works Animation recently presented the film “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish”, which will be released on December 28, 2022 in all theaters.

After more than 10 years, this brave cat character is finally back on the big screen. Puss is back again with a new story and an exciting adventure, you know.

Puss in Boots is a brave orange cat. He’s not afraid of anything. This character first appeared in the movie Shrek 2.

This film is filled with animation that combines 3D and 2D, which tells the adventures of Puss traveling to reach this magical fallen star. As well as a warm and touching story of friendship.

In this film, the audience is also presented with a complex storyline about facing death and tells about the life of an adventurer at the end of his life.

If your child is a lover of the Shrek film series from DreamWorks, especially Puss in Boots, there are several moral values that you can pick up from this film, to be understood and used as lessons in your child’s daily life!

But keep in mind Ma, this film is categorized under the 13+ label, which means children must watch it with parental assistance.

Here Popmama.com has summarized 7 life lessons that can be learned from the film Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, which children can apply. Let’s listen!

  1. Confidence can arise from the support of others, different things when faced with fear within oneself

The film Puss in Boots The Last Wish is inseparable from the exciting adventure story between good and evil characters.

However, in this latest story, there are unique lessons that children can learn for their daily lives. That is, in general, everyone has their own self-confidence whether it is obtained from the support of others or within themselves.

It depends on how the individual views to keep trying and always improve their talent skills. However, sometimes a child’s sense of self-confidence can simply disappear when faced with one thing that is feared in his own mind.

This can cause children’s behavior to avoid all problems that exist because of a lack of courage and enthusiasm in children.

You can anticipate this by providing various supports, creating a comfortable atmosphere and establishing good communication that can be applied to your child’s daily actions. So that Mama can build confidence in children to develop their potential to be better.

  1. Not all doom and gloom are part of the end of life

In this film footage depicts countless death-defying actions and adventures, with Puss in Boots at the height of his glory. Where the cat feels invincible and constantly puts itself in harm’s way it doesn’t care.

Until he found out that he was in his last life and everything could end anytime. Like the fact that the people we love can betray us or leave us.

However, this film tells a life affirmation with an uplifting message about the act of considering the tomorrow we are going through to be part of our last day, so that we can better appreciate every moment that will happen.

This means that all problems, obstacles, ups and downs, in every journey of life that we go through, if we can face them together with loved ones with great love and mutual respect. As well as contemplating every event that occurs as a process of part of life to become a better person.

  1. Family is everything that embraces and supports each other

We can no longer deny that the family is indeed an important foundation in human life. Especially if from the time a child is born into the world until he grows up as a teenager and goes through a phase of life independently at an adult age, it is inseparable from the role of the family in it.

But the story is different, when a child has been abandoned by his parents since childhood. They may not get the attention and affection that is felt from their parents, so they feel lonely and develop an attitude and mindset that is less stable.

This will affect the characteristics, ways of delivering, and actions that are formed due to a lack of fulfillment of emotional needs in individuals, one of which is when making any decision without regard to the feelings of others.

This will be a wound for people who have been happy to care for him until he is a teenager. However, on the other hand there is also family support who is always willing to provide encouragement for their children to achieve the desired goals.

In this latest DreamWorks film, it also tries to tell this story quite warmly. However, of course family is not only defined as the relationship of a group of people who have blood ties.

However, there are several fairy tale characters who are played as the family of one of the animal characters who adopts a teenager who lives alone.

A teenager is lucky because he is surrounded by family members who can work together, provide assistance and do everything so that his child can live happily according to his wishes.

  1. Avoid denying your own feelings, acknowledge and face everything well

There are several scenes in this film that tend to tell the feelings of the main character, aka Puss in Boots, who often lies to himself about his own feelings.

Began to turn into a quiet, always alone, lost confidence, and realized the situation that he too could be defeated.

Making himself a selfish person and prioritizing everything just for himself without caring about the people around him who have supported and accepted him under any circumstances.

It needs to be used as a lesson for every child, both girls and boys, to know that feeling sad, afraid, or unhappy is a normal and humane thing.

This is because there are feelings that arise within the child that need to be acknowledged and accepted by all of these feelings which can actually make the child’s feelings become a stronger and stronger person. As well as trying to live and deal with existing conditions as best as possible.

  1. Sometimes, something you want is not necessarily something you need

The journey of an adventure story that is so tense to achieve something that you want to realize actually points to one important point.

In this film, it is told that there is a magical shooting star that can grant one wish, which makes each fairytale character race to reach the magic shooting star first. There are many interesting obstacles and events that color their journey.

However, this film gives the experience that not everything we want is part of our needs. However, there is a lack of concern for what we already have.

By realizing how important it is for the people around us who are willing to accept each other’s conditions.

This is what then becomes a reminder for children, youth, and all of us, that God has arranged and written everything including the destiny of every human being very well.

Children just need to apply gratitude and live everything that happens as best they can. That way, he can learn to realize that what he wants is not what is needed or is not the best thing for him.

  1. Greed can be a weapon for anyone to do something, without thinking about other people’s feelings

There are several dialogue scenes in the film that are clearly described when one of the fairy tale characters acts arbitrarily against many people. If you see the character takes advantage of this position to be able to do various negative things at will.

So that he becomes arrogant and doesn’t care about other people around him who are willing to help him in any condition. This becomes important for learning for everyday children’s lives in acting something.

This means that children need to learn to understand that excessive behavior is not good for them, let alone having bad intentions to do anything to achieve something they want to the detriment of many parties.

This can lead to a bad perspective on ourselves in the minds of others because we have violated actions that should not be done by everyone. That way, other people are reluctant to help us when we are faced with difficult conditions.

  1. Communication is very important to avoid misunderstandings

Every child certainly knows that as human beings, we cannot be separated from things related to communication, let alone avoid misunderstandings. However, don’t use this as an assertion that he can do whatever he pleases to avoid a problem.

In fact, in the film Puss in Boots The Last Wish, it is clearly told when the main character makes a mistake and breaks the trust of others, as a result it will be hard to be trusted again.

However, there are several dialogue scenes where the main character realizes his mistake of acting selfishly on his special day, because he has to deal with his inner fear.

In the end, the main character of this fairy tale is able to convey the feelings and conditions that were actually experienced at that time so that other characters can understand and know what they have been thinking is different from the actual reality.

That is, children need to learn to convey the feelings they are feeling or the actions they want to take by talking to their parents.

This will teach children to be open to each other in certain conditions so that they can share views with each other to decide something in order to avoid misunderstandings with the person concerned.

So, those are Ma, some life lessons from the movie Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, that children can take and apply in their daily lives.

Hopefully this one film can inspire children to learn to be individuals who are more appreciative and grateful to accept existing circumstances.

And don’t just forget the importance of the presence of people around who have accompanied the process of life’s journey so that it ultimately makes us a better person!

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