5 Newest Korean Movie Recommendations Will Be Released May – June 2022

The Korean film industry is currently on the rise, especially among young people. Evidently, various Korean film titles are always selling well in theaters. Several Korean movie titles and their actors and actresses are also quite often in the ranks of trending topics on social media. No wonder, if at the beginning of every month there is always someone looking for the latest Korean movie recommendations on the internet.

Actually it is not surprising why Korean Movies 2022 can be so popular with young people. Because Korean films always manage to present fresh and colorful story ideas. The visual charm and performance of the actors and actresses who act charmingly are also the main attraction of Korean films.

Since a long time ago, usually information related to Korean films that will be released has spread on the internet. This then provoked the enthusiasm of the audience who were waiting for the idol’s latest work. So, what are the recommendations for Korean films that will be released in May and June 2022? To find out, just take a look at the following reviews.


The latest recommendation for the Korean film that premiered this May is THE ROUNDUP. This film is a sequel to THE OUTLAWS which aired in 2017 and immediately became a conversation. Therefore, you viewers of THE OUTLAWS 2017 are obliged to watch THE ROUNDUP, starring the two famous South Korean action actors, Ma Dong Seok.

In the sequel this time, it is told that detective Ma Seok Do conducts an investigation. Ma Seok Do tackles a case of hunting a high-profile criminal named Kang Hae Sang, who is suspected of fleeing to Vietnam. The investigation is certainly not easy. Various things happened forcing Ma Seok Do to muster all his strength.

THE ROUNDUP has been airing since May 18, 2022 and has received quite a lot of praise. So it’s really a shame if you missed it!


The film, titled Broker, is scheduled to hit theaters on June 8, 2022. This drama genre film has attracted public attention because it is studded with many top stars, ranging from Song Kang Ho, Kang Dong Won, Bae Doo Na, Lee Joo Young, to Lee Ji Eun aka IU. The film BROKER tells of the discovery of a baby in a box.

From the discovery of the baby, the story rolls. Each character involved makes an agreement to determine who will be the next parent of the baby. Interestingly, BROKER is one of the films from South Korea that was screened at the 2022 Cannes festival.


If you are looking for recommendations for the latest Korean films in the thriller and mystery genres, Decision To Leave Korean Movies could be the answer. Just like BROKER, the film DECISION TO LEAVE was also screened at the Cannes festival in May 2022. Meanwhile, regular screenings of the film DECISION TO LEAVE in Korean theaters are still scheduled for June.

DECISION TO LEAVE tells the story of a detective character named Hae Jun. The detective is working on a murder case that mysteriously occurred on a mountain. While investigating the case, his attention is always on a figure named Seo Rae. His suspicious movements make Seo Rae one of the suspects. But is he really the culprit?


Furthermore, on the list of recommendations for the latest Korean films, there is a film called THE WITCH PART 2. But instead of being a sequel to part 1, THE WITCH PART 2 turns out to be a prequel version of the previous series. THE WITCH PART 2 tells the story begins when a girl suddenly wakes up in a laboratory.

Feeling awkward with the situation, he then tried to run away. Unfortunately, his attempt to escape was not easy. A group of people confronted him. But unexpectedly, the girl’s character can dispel all the villains who stand in her way with the extraordinary power that is within her.

If you are curious about the continuation of the story, just watch the recommendation for the latest Korean film THE WITCH PART 2 which will soon be aired on June 15.


The latest Korean film recommendation that will air in May 2022 is THE GENTLEMAN. This film is the handiwork of director Kim Kyoung Won, who previously managed to direct the film THE ARTIST: REBORN 2017. This latest Korean film recommendation has a mystery genre with a detective character.

Told in the film THE Gentleman, a private detective agency owner named Ji Hyun Soo who is involved in a murder case. Ji Hyun Soo, played by Ju Ji Hoon, is framed and accused of being a murderer. Therefore, Ji Hyun Soo tried to refute the accusation by clearing his name. Unfortunately, in an effort to restore that good name, Ji Hyun Soo is actually involved in another, more serious case.

Those are a series of recommendations for the latest Korean films that will air in May and June 2022. Hopefully it is useful and can be a reference for those of you who really need entertainment by watching movies.

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