5 Marvel Super Heroes Who Are Same as Villains

Super heroes in Marvel can make mistakes too, so they look despicable so they look like villains.

Due to certain circumstances, this Marvel superhero has plunged himself into the evil side.

Every superhero in Marvel has strengths and weaknesses that make them look more like villains. Although actually the first thing this superhero did was something with good intentions.

Then, who are the superheroes who are no different from the villains?

1.The Punisher

Basically, The Punisher is a wounded soul that often takes revenge on criminals. Actually The Punisher is more suitable to be called a serial killer.

Because when it comes to killing criminals, The Punisher never hesitates.

  1. Namor

Namor is the strongest aquatic superhero in the Marvel Universe, when he joined the Avengers and the X-Men, he was never anything useful.

His sense of superiority and arrogance made him an opponent within his own team.

His bad attitude and anger are very difficult to work with.

  1. Nick Fury

Nick Fury has done a lot to save the world over the years, but he’s also had to sign some gruesome acts.

Fury will go to war and use every weapon that allows them to win.

  1. The Sentry

The Sentry have joined the New Avengers and become the most powerful member. The Sentry has been the greatest hero for many years in the Marvel Universe.

When The Sentry is killed by a Marvel superhero, it makes its resurrection even more dangerous to the universe.

  1. The Beast

The Beast has been a member of the X-Men since the beginning, In fact he has always grown to be a great hero movies.

Over time the growth of The Beast is more in the opposite direction and enough to make him a mutant villain.

Those are some of the superheroes who end up having an extraordinary evil side.

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